Where Can I Study Media & Tech

There are a variety of formal education available at diploma and degree levels. For more information on the courses at each institution, visit their website or contact them directly. 

Diploma Courses

NYP LogoSchool of Information Technology

School of Interactive and Digital Media

School of Business Management

NP LogoSchool of Infocomm Technology

School of Film & Media Studies

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

RP Logo
School of Infocomm

School of Management and Communication

School of Technology for the Arts

SP LogoSchool of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology

School of Design

School of Communication, Arts & Social Sciences

TP LogoSchool of Informatics & IT

School of Business

School of Design

Degree Courses

NTU LogoSchool of Computer Engineering

Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information

School of Arts, Design & Media

NUS LogoSchool of Computing

School of Arts & Social Science

SUSS logo

The School of Science and Technology

sutd logoSingapore University of Technology and Design

Lasalle LogoMcNally School of Fine Arts

Puttnam School of Film & Animation

School of Creative Industries

School of Design Communication

School of Dance & Theatre

School of Contemporary Music

NAFA logoSchool of Art & Design

School of Arts Management, Dance & Theatre

School of Music

School of Young Talents

DigiPen LogoDepartment of Animation and Production

Department of Computer Science

Department of Digital Arts

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Fine Arts

Department of Game Software Design and Production

Department of Music