Training Programme

The AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP)® is part of the Company-Led Training (CLT) programme which aims to groom local Singaporean AI talent and enhance their career opportunities in AI-related roles. The apprentices will work on real-world industry projects, and deepen their skills not only in AI and machine learning, but also in software engineering skills for model deployment into production. The training programme includes: 

  • 2-month AI coursework will involve supervised and unsupervised learning as well as cover areas such as Deep Learning and Machine Learning applications, etc
  • 7-month on-the-job training on a real-world AI problem

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Only Singapore citizens can apply
  • Graduated from a recognised polytechnic (more than 3 years work experience) or university 

Knowledge and proficiency requirements

  • Any of the proficiencies below will be helpful during the apprenticeship:
  • Intermediate programming experience in one of these languages: Python, R, Scala, Java, C, C++, C#, Go
  • Understand basic data pre-processing (handling missing data, outliers etc...)
  • Able to build machine learning models
  • Able to build data pipelines to train and build your models
  • Able to perform basic code documentation (Readme, docstrings and requirements.txt)
  • Able to deploy your models in Docker containers
  • Able to provision and use of cloud computing infrastructure such as Microsoft Azure
  • Able to do Linux shell scripting
  • Able to use at least one of the following database and data processing technologies such as SQL, NoSQL, Apache Hadoop and/or Apache Spark
  • Able to use GitHub/GitLab and perform proper code check-in/out and repository

Application Process

  • Interested individuals can apply directly with AI Singapore
  • Please note:
    • There is a registration period for each batch’s intake so please sign up to be on their mailing list for updates on the next application window
    • Applications are only accepted via AI Singapore’s AIAP Application page when it opens for registration (ad-hoc submissions will not be considered)
    • Individuals will need to meet the selection criteria set by AI Singapore in order to qualify for the programme

*Please note that AI Singapore will contact only shortlisted candidates directly.

By submitting your application for this job role, you agree that AI Singapore may collect, use and disclose your name and email address, which you have provided in your application, for the Infocomm Media Development Authority to send a follow-up email.

Information is accurate as of 23 July 2020