Alex Rodriguez is an Oscar nominated editor with almost 30 years of industry experience. This 2 day course gives you a deep insight into his approaches for editing, as well as best practices for editing.

Learning Outcome

After completing this course, participants will gain a deeper understanding of: 

  • How to focus on story flow through the editing, and the best processes
  • How to serve the narrative through effective editing
  • How to employ narrative techniques to create tension
  • How to edit your characters/ actors and performance (practical examples of problem solving and good decisions)
  • How to apply the craft in different genres
  • The impact of genre on editing styles
  • Influence of great films, film history to help work (musicals, horror, thriller, Shakespeare, study)
  • Technical aspects of the job and looking at recent projects' workflow
  • Low and high budget and how to work with sound, music and special effects
  • The relationship with the Director, DOP, Producer and other members of the film crew
  • Being a part of the whole process of film and television production to become collaborators and not just efficient technicians

Who should Attend?

  • Editors
  • Junior Editors
  • Filmmakers

Eligibility Criteria

Participants should already have basic editing ability (iMovie is sufficient) as they will need to edit a short piece of work during the course.
This course is endorsed under Talent Assistance (T-Assist).
To find out more about T-Assist Funding, please refer to Programme Support under T-Assist page

Information as accurate as of 7 April 2020