Lighting is a large part of the shoot aesthetic and when working with small crews there is often a feeling on set that there is not enough time or manpower to get professional looking lighting. With an understanding of the latest generation of portable lights, a small crew can achieve a high end look. In this course, we specifically tackle the issues faced when working with very small crews and share methods of giving your production a professional look with limited resources. A large amount of the course consists of hands on exercises where participants find out what is achievable with a 2 man to 5 man team. We also replicate shooting scenarios from our clients and find ways to overcome challenges faced.

Learning Outcome

Participants will gain a deep understanding of interpreting and using rhythm in their video editing, including: 

  • Lighting fundamentals
  • Quality of Light
  • Types of portable light fixtures
  • Portable Lighting Supports
  • Power distribution and Lighting safety
  • The Location lighting process
  • Practical Lighting
  • Lighting styles
  • Equipment breakdowns and case studies (2 man,3 man,5 man crew)
  • Practical Lighting exercises

Who should Attend?

  • Cinematographers
  • Directors of Photography
  • Camera Operators
  • Camera Assistants
  • Gaffers,Producers
  • Production Assistants

Eligibility Criteria

At least a GCE 'N' Level pass

This course is endorsed under Talent Assistance (T-Assist).
To find out more about T-Assist Funding, please refer to Programme Support under T-Assist page

Information as accurate as of 7 April 2020