Documentaries present unique challenges to the editor, but can also be incredibly fulfilling as well. The editor can play a major role in shaping the final outcome as the story often only comes together in the edit suite. Understanding the various approaches to the documentary allows an editor to effectively tell a story. The course will practise editing using REAL documentary footage during the editing exercises. 

    Learning Outcome

    Participants will understand different documentary formats and the nuances of editing for documentaries, including

    • The difference between a short, mid-length and long form documentary
    • The prominent component of documentaries vs a narrative
    • How to pace your story
    • How to make it real and authentic
    • How to make your work engaging
    • How to emote to your audience

    Who should Attend?

    • Editors
    • Junior Editors
    • Filmmakers

    Eligibility Criteria

    Participants should already have basic editing knowledge (iMovie is sufficient) as they will need to edit a short documentary during the course.
    This course is endorsed under Talent Assistance (T-Assist).
    To find out more about T-Assist Funding, please refer to Programme Support under T-Assist page

    Information as accurate as of 6 April 2020