Overview Course

The ISO 22301 Standard is the worldwide governing standard for business continuity.

This 4 day course would allow business continuity managers or business continuity personnel tasked to manage their organisation or business unit to understand how the standard is used to implement a business continuity (BC) plan.

This course comprises both online 1 day fundamentals course as well as 3 days of practical hands on and theoretical training of the standards and the generic templates used for the implementation of BC plans.

Learning Outcome

This course will provide participants with the concept and knowledge, which will enable them to:
  • Identify possible threats that may disrupt critical business functions in the organisation
  • Strengthen organisational resiliency to counter major incidents and disaster
  • Identify and analyse business requirements to recover critical business function
  • Develop business continuity and recovery strategies
  • Develop and implement comprehensive BC plans
  • Create and develop BCM awareness and training programme
  • Conduct exercises and tests
  • Implement BCM audit and assessment programmes to ensure BC plan effectiveness
  • Drive organisation-wide BCM program
  • Ensure effective program management on an ongoing basis

Who should Attend?

  • Department Business Continuity Management (BCM) /Crisis Management representative tasked to oversee their department's or organisation's BCM plans
  • Business Continuity (BC)/ Disaster Recovery personnel who wish to upgrade their BCM competency
  • EHS/Security/Human Resource/ IT, Risk and Compliance personnel who wish to get an overall understanding to implement, manage and a BCM plan for his/her organization
  • Experienced BCM coordinators/personnel who wish to get their experience internationally recognised

Eligibility Criteria

Learners should start this course already having the following skills:
  • ISO 22301
  • Business Continuity
  • Risk and Compliance
This course is endorsed under Critical Infocomm Technology Resource Programme Plus (CITREP+) Programme.
To find out more about CITREP+ Funding, please refer to Programme Support under CITREP+ page

Information as accurate as of 21 November 2019