Training Programme

The Company-Led Training (CLT) programme is a 12 months on the job training with Y3 Technologies to equip fresh professionals with industry skills to become a software developer. For Mid-career professionals, the training duration will be 6 months. Each trainee will be trained and mentored in one or more of the following areas:

  • Object Orientated Programming and modularity
  • GIT, SVN and mobile architecture such as MVC, MVP, MVVM etc.
  • Javascript development using prevailing Javascript and UI framework, e.g. ReactJS, BootStrap and third party tools and dependencies.
  • Native mobile application development with iOS on swift ot Android on Java/Kotlin.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Singapore citizen
  • Fresh and Mid-level professionals are welcome to apply

Application Process

Interested individuals can apply directly via the application link.

*Please note that the company will contact only shortlisted candidates directly.

By submitting your application for this job role, you agree that Y3 Technologies may collect, use and disclose your name and email address, which you have provided in your application, for the Infocomm Media Development Authority to send a follow-up email.

Information is accurate as of 22 May 2020