If participants are getting ready for a career as an entry-level information technology (IT)professional or computer service technician, the CompTIA® A+® course is the first step intheir preparation. The course will build on participants existing user-level knowledge andexperience with personal computer (PC) software and hardware to present fundamentalskills and concepts that participants will use on the job. In this course, participants willacquire the essential skills and information participants will need to install, configure,optimize, troubleshoot, repair, upgrade, and perform preventive maintenance on PCs, digitaldevices, and operating systems.

The CompTIA A+ course can benefit participants in two ways. Whether they work or plan towork in a mobile or corporate environment where they have a high level of face-to-facecustomer interaction, where client communication and client training are important, or in anenvironment with limited customer interaction and an emphasis on hardware activities, thiscourse provides the background knowledge and skills participants will require to be asuccessful A+ technician. It can also assist participants if participants are preparing to takethe CompTIA A+ certification examinations, 2016 objectives (exam numbers 220-901 and220-902), in order to become a CompTIA A+ Certified Professional.

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Learning Outcomes

In this course, participants will install, configure, optimize, troubleshoot, repair, upgrade, andperform preventive maintenance on personal computers, digital devices, and operatingsystems.
  • Identify the hardware components of personal computers and mobile digital devices
  • Identify the basic components and functions of operating systems
  • Identify networking and security fundamentals
  • Identify the operational procedures that should be followed by professional PCtechnicians
  • Install, configure, and troubleshoot display devices
  • Install and configure peripheral components
  • Manage system components
  • Manage data storage
  • Install and configure Microsoft Windows
  • Optimize and maintain Microsoft Windows
  • Work with other operating systems
  • Identify the hardware and software requirements for client environment configurations
  • Identify network technologies
  • Install and configure networking capabilities
  • Support mobile digital devices
  • Support printers and multifunction devices
  • Identify security threats, vulnerabilities, and controls
  • Implement security controls
  • Troubleshoot system-wide issues

Who should Attend?

This course is designed for individuals who have basic computer user skills and who areinterested in obtaining a job as an entry-level IT technician. This course is also designed forparticipants who are seeking the CompTIA A+ certification and who want to prepare for theCompTIA A+ 220-901 Certification Exam and the CompTIA 220-902 Certification Exam.


To ensure participants success in this course, participants should have basic computer userskills, be able to complete tasks in a Microsoft® Windows® environment, be able to searchfor, browse, and access information on the Internet, and have basic knowledge of computingconcepts. Participants can obtain this level of skills and knowledge by taking any introductorycomputing course from Logical Operations, such as:
  • Using Microsoft ®Windows® 10
This course is endorsed under Critical Infocomm Technology Resource Programme Plus (CITREP+) Programme.
To find out more about CITREP+ Funding, please refer to Programme Support under CITREP+ page

Information is accurate as of 28 June 2018