The course reviews the topics of finance, risk management, project management, business continuity planning, demand forecasting and operational support considerations. This course also focuses on understanding business needs assessment through operating parameters; time available for planned maintenance, tolerance for unscheduled downtime, operational level of availability and the impact of downtime.

Controlling and managing change is critical to the continued operation and minimisation of downtime in a data centre. Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC) and project planning are discussed as these are key areas of potential introduction of risk within an operational facility.Understanding what lies behind Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) as the central hub/component for data centre management, and that it provides valuable data needed to report on and improve energy efficiencies, identify potential infrastructure trouble spots and increase the effectiveness of capacity planning. 

Learning Outcome

  • Understand key definitions which apply within the operations role of a Data Centre
  • Analyse unplanned downtime and outage through concepts of reliability, availability, recovery and the impact on business criticality
  • Aligning business requirements and functional requirements; do not design strategies that reduce OPEX and CAPEX at the expense of reliability
  • Document maintenance procedures in a task oriented Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs)
  • Identify the impact of electrical and mechanical operations on the critical operations of a data centre
  • Differentiate between data centre cooling systems, efficient operating parameters, new efficiency metrics
  • Explore the options around energy efficiency and how the current trends may affect future DC operations decisions
  • Understand the critical event lifecycle where managers respond to downtime, recover operations, mitigate risk effects, reduce loss, conduct preventive measures to safeguard against future disasters
  • Discuss how the frequency of moves, adds or changes (MACs) within the data centres is increasing due to changes in business growth priorities and understand that controlling and managing change is critical to the continued operation and minimisation of downtime in a data centre
  • Look at the role of the project manager in day to day DC operations and change management, and identify where risk can be introduced if projects are not managed properly
  • Identify the minimum operational requirements of ancillary services such as fire and security systems and the building fabric maintenance, cleaning and estate management and third party maintenance contracts
  • Recognise the basic data centre statutory inspections, registers and maintenance records and documentation required.

Who should Attend

  • M&E Operational Management
  • Data Centre Manager
  • Business Unit/Client Manager
  • Construction Project Manager
  • Data Centre Architect
  • Data Centre Director
  • Data Centre Operations Engineer
  • Data Centre Operations Manager
  • Head of Operations
  • Facility Team Lead
  • Data Centre Operator
  • Chief Information Officer
This course is endorsed under Critical Infocomm Technology Resource Programme Plus (CITREP+) Programme.
To find out more about CITREP+ Funding, please refer to Programme Support under CITREP+ page

Information is accurate as of 7 Jul 2021