This Coaching Classes comprised of both online and 1.5 hours of classroom components, is about the fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence. This topic is getting very hot nowadays because these learning algorithms can be used in several fields from software engineering to investment banking. Learners would be able to learn that by learning algorithms that can recognize pattern can help detect cancer for example. Learners would learn how to construct algorithms that they could make good guess about stocks movement in the market. Several advanced algorithms can be solved with the help of graphs.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, participants will
  • Comprehend AI Algorithm
  • Create AI Algorithm from Scratch
  • State meta-heuristics

Who should Attend?

  • ICT professionals and learners with interest in Python and AI


  • Possess ability to speak, read and write in English equivalent to Secondary 4 level and above.
This course is endorsed under Critical Infocomm Technology Resource Programme Plus (CITREP+) Programme.
To find out more about CITREP+ Funding, please refer to Programme Support under Massive Open Online Courses

Information is accurate is of 3 August 2018