This course is first part to the Coaching Classes comprised of both online and 1.5 hours of classroom components on data structures and algorithms. Learners will be comparing the differences between data structure and hashtables in sort operation. Learners will also learn about Boyer-Moore algorithm and the brute-force approach as well as the Raabin-Karp method of substring search in computer science.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, participants will be able to
  • State fundamentals of algorithms and data structures SQL
  • Develop your own algorithms that best fit to the personal need SQL
  • Detect non-optimal code snippets SQL

Who should Attend?

  • ICT professionals and learners with interest and enthusiasm in data structures and algorithm


  • Knowledge on Core JAVAEclipse or other IDE
This course is endorsed under Critical Infocomm Technology Resource Programme Plus (CITREP+) Programme.
To find out more about CITREP+ Funding, please refer to Programme Support under Massive Open Online Courses

Information is accurate is of 3 August 2018