This advanced course provides trainees with an understanding of the concepts and theory of modelling a character in Cinema 4D. The course teaches them how to make use of Cinema 4D in creating a full functional CG character that can be used for stills and animation for films, games and more.


To cover the workflow involved in creating, building a rig and setting for a character so as to achieve realistic structure. A certificate of completion will be given to trainees at the end of the course.
At the end of the course, trainees will:
  • Understand principles of Character Modelling
  • Utilize the Symmetry Tool
  • Work with Polygon Pen
  • Rig a Character with an IK Setup
  • Creating controllers for the rig
  • Work with Dynamic Inverse Kinematic


  • 3D Modelling & Animation course
This course is supported by Talent Assistance (T-Assist) training grant.

Information is accurate as of 20 June 2018