This advanced course provides trainees with an understanding of the concepts and theories, as well as imparting in-depth knowledge of 3D painting and sculpting using the BodyPaint 3D module in Cinema 4D. This 1-day advanced course involves lectures and hands-on sessions, targeting at 3D Media professionals who want to include 3D Painting and Sculpting in their repertoire of skills.


This course will equip participants with the ability to create highly detailed 3D models with hassle-free texturing workflow. A certificate of completion will be given to trainees at the end of the courses.
At the end of this course, trainees will be able to:
  • Understand the concept of 3D painting and sculpting
  • Use Paint Setup Wizard to prepare 3D model
  • Modify and customise brush and paint settings
  • Unwrap and optimize UV map
  • Organize sculpt project in layers
  • Create effects such as Dumps and Cracks
  • Use Sculpting brushes to add details to 3D model


  • 3D Modelling & Animation
This course is supported by Talent Assistance (T-Assist) training grant.

Information is accurate as of 20 June 2018