Kaplan Higher Education Academy Pte Ltd is bringing the highly successful Data Science Bootcamp that Metis runs in the USA to Singapore. The bootcamp is customised with an Asian perspective and is supported under TechSkills Accelerator initiative's (TeSA) Tech Immersion and Placement Programme (TIPP). Trainees will learn cutting-edge technologies such as the Python environment, Machine Learning, interactive data visualisation and other modern big data tools and architecture.

The Metis Data Science Bootcamp is 420 hours long in duration, conducted over a period of 12 weeks (not including a 25 hours of pre-work). Under this programme, trainees will be trained to build five data science related projects for their online portfolio - four smaller projects designed to “train up” different key aspects of data science and a Passion Project that they can present to potential employers. Proposals for the Passion Project will be reviewed and approved in advance by the Metis Faculty member(s). Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates will be awarded with a Data Science Certificate from Metis.

In addition to the Data Science training, the trainees will also receive career coaching, talks and advisory sessions throughout the course of the Bootcamp. Job facilitation support will be provided for the programme graduates too.

Learning Outcome

After completing the Bootcamp a participant will be able to:
  • Have a fluid understanding of and practical experience with the process of designing, implementing, and communicating the results of a data science project
  • Be a capable coder in Python and at the command line, including the related packages and toolsets most commonly used in data science
  • Understand the landscape of data science tools and their applications, and be prepared to identify and dig into new technologies and algorithms needed for the job at hand
  • Know the fundamentals of data visualisation and have experience creating static and dynamic data visuals using JavaScript and interactive data visualisation
  • Have introductory exposure to modern big data tools and architecture such as the Hadoop stack, know when these tools are necessary, and be poised to quickly train up and use them in a big data project

Who should Attend?

  • Aspiring Data Analysts / Data Scientists / Data Engineers
  • Course is open to career changers and fresh graduates

Eligibility Criteria

  • Experience with programming/coding, statistics and mathematics are preferred.
This course is supported under Tech Immersion and Placement Programme (TIPP)
Singapore Citizens qualified for this immersive training courses and placement programme, will be eligible for a subsidised course / programme fee.

Information is accurate as of 26 December 2018