Overview Course

Virtual reality amplifies reality in relevant, personalized and unexpected ways. In this course, you will capitalize on the explosive growth of this immersive content creation segment to produce Virtual reality projects in a simulated development environment. This course will also focus on what makes Interactive Environments functioning & enjoyable and how to create them. Analyze design challenges and propose effective platform-appropriate solutions, generating fully functional, user-focused Virtual reality experiences.

Learning Outcome

  • Core mastery of skill-sets to create illustrations from imagination
  • Knowledge of important core concepts essential to illustration
  • Learn all the intricate points of illustrations used in books, films, games and fine art
  • Basic skills in creating scenes with characters and creatures in various environment using Adobe Photoshop
  • Knowledge of the illusion of depth and how to apply it to the environment
  • Composition, lighting and perspective techniques that are applicable to various other art and art-related disciplines
  • Semi-professional to professional level of knowledge, presentation and skills required in the illustration industry
  • To gain a great advantage and edge over other students in animation, media, gaming, film, and visual effect schools

Who should Attend?

  • Game Design Professionals
  • Game Art & Animation Professionals
  • Media Professionals
  • Designers
  • Artists & Freelancers

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age: 16 years old and above recommended
  • Open to all Singapore Residents
This course is endorsed under Talent Assistance (T-Assist).
To find out more about T-Assist Funding, please refer to Programme Support under T-Assist page

Information as accurate as of 15 August 2019