Producing short films with narrative, linear storytelling

What exactly does a producer do, and how can they do their job well? This workshop led by producer Lai Weijie (POP AYE, Taste) will focus on producing short films with narrative, linear storytelling.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will watch examples of short films and assess how they are effective, and practise writing loglines, after which they will brainstorm ideas and identify one to develop further during the class.
  • The workshop will also touch on the importance of a strong film title and film festival strategies. Ample time will be allocated for Q&A during which participants can learn not only from the instructor’s experiences but also those of their peers.
  • The workshop also offers an opportunity for reviewing past works — participants are also invited to share their own short film with the class, if they have one.

Who should Attend?

This workshop is suitable for both current and aspiring producers, and filmmakers with a short film idea or work in development. Participants should come prepared for a rigorous session and will maximise their learning by participating actively in the in-class activities, sharing ideas openly and being receptive to constructive feedback.

This course is supported by Talent Assistance (T-Assist) training grant.

Information as accurate as of 20 June 2018