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ICT for Productivity and Growth Programme

last updated 29 May 2017

IPG has been incorporated into iSPRINT to become Enhanced iSPRINT. For more information on how SMEs and ICT vendors can tap on the Enhanced iSPRINT programme, please click here.


The $500 million ICT for Productivity and Growth (IPG) programme was announced at the 2014 budget speech delivered by Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam on 21 Feb 2014. Over three years (FY14 - 16), IPG seeks to accelerate the adoption of ICT solutions among SMEs and boost SMEs' productivity and growth.

The IPG comprises 3 key initiatives:

Initiative 1 - Scaling up proven ICT solutions

This initiative promotes the adoption of ICT-based sectoral productivity solutions that have been proven to help SMEs raise productivity.

What are the benefits?

  • 70% of the qualifying costs will be subsidised; SMEs pay the remaining 30%;
  • IMDA will pre-qualify eligible vendors and their solutions; and
  • SME need not apply to IMDA for the subsidy, they can approach the pre-qualified vendors for the solution they need, and IMDA reimburses the vendors directly upon demonstration of adoption by the SME.

Who will benefit?

SMEs that adopt proven ICT-based sectoral productivity solutions.


Solutions must be those that are able to help SMEs in Singapore achieve productivity gains.

Initiative 2 - Piloting of emerging solutions

This initiative encourages enterprising SMEs to pilot emerging technology solutions that can transform their businesses, for example, innovations, in the areas of sensor, data analytics and robotics.

What are the benefits?

  • 80% of the qualifying pilot project costs will be subsidised, up to $1 million per SME; SMEs pay the remaining 20%;
  • SME need not apply for the subsidy; and
  • Vendor will submit proposal for evaluation by IMDA. SME need not apply directly to IMDA for the subsidy, and IMDA reimburses vendors directly upon completion of agreed milestones.

Who will benefit?

SMEs piloting the emerging technology solutions.


Solutions must be the first or initial deployment in Singapore SME sector.

Initiative 3 - Enabling high-speed connectivity for businesses

This initiative promotes high-speed connectivity for SMEs so that they can take full advantage of ICT-based productivity solutions.

Promoting high-speed connectivity

IMDA will subsidise SMEs' fibre subscription plans of at least 100 Mbps and provide further support for SMEs to implement Wireless@SG services at their premises.

What are the benefits?
  • 50% subsidy of the monthly recurrent cost for fibre subscription plan (of at least 100Mbps), capped at $120/month up to 24 months; and
  • 50% subsidy of the Wireless@SG equipment cost, capped at $2,400, for SMEs who require wireless connection in their public-facing business premises.

Who will benefit?

SMEs adopting ICT-based solutions.

Conditions for Fibre Connectivity Subsidy
  • SME has previously taken up an iSPRINT/Enhanced iSPRINT solution; and
  • SME must not already have subscribed to a fibre subscription plan of 100Mbps and above; and
  • SME must subscribe to Enhanced iSPRINT fibre connectivity service plans that feature speeds of at least 100Mbps.

Additional Conditions for Wireless@SG subsidy
  • SME must subscribe to Enhanced iSPRINT fibre connectivity service plans that feature speeds of at least 100Mbps; and
  • SME must extend the wireless hotspots to the general public; and
  • SME must allow IMDA (or IMDA’s appointed company) to conduct random network audit.

Click here for application and information on Enhanced iSPRINT ICT Solutions subsidy.

For any other queries, please email to isprint@imda.gov.sg

Enhancing in-building infrastructure for non-residential buildings

Non-residential buildings are now able to enhance their facilities to bring fibre broadband to their business tenants within the buildings. The Fibre Ready Scheme will provide a one-time subsidy to facilitate access to fibre services for non-residential subscribers.

What are the benefits?

90% of the one-time infrastructure enhancement costs of up to $300,000 per qualifying building will be subsidised.

Who will benefit?

Owners of eligible non-residential buildings with multiple tenants.


Infrastructure enhancement must be able to facilitate fibre services to 100% of tenants. Details on this scheme can be found here.

For more information, you may also send your queries to isprint@imda.gov.sg.