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Production Assistance

last updated 02 March 2018

Production Assistance encourages media productions that highlight Singapore talents in credited roles. IMDA will support up to 40% of a project’s qualifying expenses that are directly linked to the project and contribute significantly to the development of Singapore.

An overview of the grant application process can be found here.


Please click here for more information on Call-for-Proposal (CFP) dates for film submissions under Production Assistance Scheme.

  • Singapore-registered companies (excluding sole proprietorships and partnerships) with Media as at least one of their Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) code.

If you would like to find out if your company is listed in the Media SSIC code, enter your SSIC code here. 


Production Assistance goes towards supporting a range of production activities including, but not limited to the following:

 Sector Production Activities Supported
  • Animated TV series or animated feature

 Download application guidelines

  • Master tapes of programme and trailer, including final shooting scripts and music cue sheets
  • Fully functional website (if applicable)

Download application guidelines for Content 360TV Online

Download application guidelines for International TV

  •  Feature-length film in final deliver / screening format

 Please click here for updates on the Call-For-Proposal (CFP) dates for P-Assist (Film).

  • Fully playable game
  • Content with exportable potential to be taken by publishers for distribution outside of Singapore

Download application guidelines

Online Media
  • Finished playable product
  • Interactive content that utilise new media platforms (e.g. mobile, smart TV) for info/entertainment

Download application guidelines

  • Printed content with agreed initial circulation numbers
  • Digital application and/or content published on agreed platform
  • Service or distribution platforms

Download application guidelines

The scheme is Content360 ready. IMDA encourages projects that cover more than one of the above sectors. These can be submitted and evaluated as one project.

IMDA will support up to 40% of the qualifying expenses that are directly linked to the project and contribute significantly to the development of Singapore. 

The qualifying cost items include:

  • Manpower/Talent
  • Professional fees/services
  • Hardware/software
  • Intellectual property licensing
  • Equipment rental
  • Location rental
  • Master print/tapes
  • Legal fees
  • Art/set department
  • Travel and accommodation costs
  • Ground transport
  • Project financing (e.g. insurance, completion bond, bank charges)

Fixed overheads / recurring expenses do not qualify for support.

The total amount that IMDA will fund is capped at 20 times the company’s paid-up capital.

For Film sector

  • Applications for film projects under P-Assist are through Calls-for-Proposals (CFP). There are two CFPs a year.
  • For more information on CFP dates and steps to apply, please click here .

For all other sectors

If you are interested to know more about IMDA’s grant schemes, please contact us via our Online Feedback Form.

What is the definition of Related-Party?

The following definitions are to be adopted in the context of IMDA media schemes:

A. Individual to Individual

An individual is related to another individual if he or she is:

  • A spouse of the individual; or
  • A child of the individual or that of the individual’s spouse; or 
  • A dependant of the individual or the individual’s spouse. Dependants are defined as any parent, spouse or child (legally adopted or illegitimate) living with him/her and/or receiving financial contribution from him/her for living expenses or as source of income.

B. Individual to Entity

An individual is related to an entity if:

  • The individual, or any of the related persons defined as above, has control (e.g. majority voting rights) or joint control (e.g. share majority voting rights) over the entity.

C. Entity to Entity

An entity is related to another entity if:

  • One entity has control (e.g. majority voting rights) or joint control (e.g. share majority voting rights) over the other entity.

If any potential supplier/service provider for the project is a related-party, grant applicants are reminded to make the appropriate declaration to IMDA when submitting their grant application. Do note that any related-party transaction incurred by grant applicants, that had not been declared to IMDA and approved by IMDA, would not be funded.