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Piloting New Sector Solutions

last updated 03 November 2017

The page has moved. Please click here for the latest updates on Piloting New Sector Solutions.

ICT vendors and SMEs are encouraged to take the lead in piloting new or emerging solutions that can help to transform the SME sectors.

Are you looking to pilot new and emerging tech solution to SMEs?


Are you keen on piloting new or emerging technology solution that looks to transform and redefine a respective sector for Small Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)? Does your information and communications technology (ICT) solution have what it takes to bring SMEs to the next level in an ever-changing business landscape?

We greatly encourage ICT vendors (or Providers of ICT Solutions) and SMEs to take the lead in piloting new or emerging solutions in transforming the SME sectors in Singapore such as retail, food and beverage, construction, logistics, transport, tourism, cleaning, security services, landscaping and many more. 

Emerging solutions are technology solutions that address major business challenges and opportunities in SME sectors with the potential to increase revenue domestically and abroad. These innovations can help to decrease cost through new business models and processes looks set to bring forth collaborative efforts across sectors and within through the usage of smart sensors, data analytics and autonomous systems. Please click this link to view the list of emerging solution pilots supported by IMDA to-date that you may consider participating in.

SMEs will be able to receive support of up to 80% capped at $1 million per SME for piloting new and emerging sector solutions. This will be dependent on the expected sector impact. To simplify the application process, this support will be disbursed directly to the vendor. No claims from SME required. 

As we move towards a Smart Nation, IMDA warmly welcomes partners to use smart technology to increase the productivity and growth prospects of SMEs.

Project Eligibility

  1. Target Beneficiary
    Sector-specific SMEs in Singapore. At least two (2) SMEs with a Letter of Intent (LOI) to participate in the pilot project. ICT projects with higher number of SME participation will be considered more favourably.
  2. Business Impact
    Solution must be able to help the SMEs to achieve the following -

    - Raise productivity by at least 15% (basis for measure to be agreed upon and approved); and,
    - Transform business based on at least one of the following:
        - Capacity for new revenue streams (domestic or overseas)
        - New business models
        - New processes (automation, mechanisation or collaboration within the sector or across sectors) 
  3. Solution Readiness
    Pilot solution -
    - Can be ready-made or to be customised for the SMEs in specific sector(s); and
    - Targets early SME adopters in Singapore.
  4. Potential for Mass Deployment
    - Solution must be relevant to at least 30 SMEs in the sector who has not deploy the ICT solution; and
    - A sustainable business model based on projected market demand and industry best practices.
  5. Project Support for SMEs
    Project support must be provided locally, unless otherwise justified.
  6. Qualification Period
    Deployment to target SMEs must not have commenced prior to proposal approval.

Eligibility of Applicant and Participating SME

The Applicant (ICT Vendor or Provider of the Sector-Specific Solution): 

  1. Must be an entity registered and incorporated in Singapore; 
  2. Has relevant sector expertise/knowledge; 
  3. Is financially capable (such as with sufficient net equity) to deliver the solution to the target SMEs; and
  4. Leads the implementation to bring about productivity and growth of SMEs.  

The SME:

  1. Must be registered and incorporated in Singapore; 
  2. Have at least 30% local shareholding; and 
  3. Not more than S$100 million group annual sales turnover OR not more than 200 employees under the group.

Application and Evaluation Process

There are two (2) phases in the evaluation process. Where relevant, IMDA will conduct joint evaluation with other government agencies. 

Phase 1 – Pre-Submission Consultation with IMDA: 

  • The Applicant is invited to initiate discussion with IMDA on the proposed project. 
  • If the proposed project concept is assessed to meet the programme objectives, IMDA will send Applicant the proposal template for completion. 
  • This must not be viewed as the approval of the project. 
  • The Applicant will next submit the formal project application to IMDA. 
  • To initiate the consultation, please send your request to isprint@imda.gov.sg
Phase 2 – IMDA’s evaluation of formal project application submitted: 
  • Evaluation will only commence when the formal project application is assessed as complete by IMDA. 
  • Evaluation and clarifications of each proposal will take about 2-3 months.
  • IMDA will notify Applicant with Letter of Award (LOA) upon successful qualification or Notice of Rejection if otherwise. 
Qualifying Costs for Support
Support QuantumFunding support of up to 80% of qualifying costs. Projects with higher sector impact will be considered more favourably. 

Support will only be extended to deployment costs incurred by SMEs and for works that are carried out locally.
Professional ServicesIncludes consultancy, training or sub-contracting costs by third party local compaines.
Hardware / SoftwareHardware
  • Includes purchase price and costs related to implementation (amortised).
  • Excludes generic hardware. E.g. servers, laptops, PCs
  • Includes purchase price (amortised) and subscription costs.
  • Excludes generic software. E.g. database licenses
OthersOnly costs relevant to the deployment of project; and are subject to assessment and approval.

Sector Requirement

Pilot support could include but is not limited to the following:

Focus Sectors ICT Opportunities In collaboration with Sector Agencies
Food and Beverage Self-Service Ordering and Payment

Autonomous Robot (e.g. for cooking or service delivery) 

Integrated Back-of-House System

Predictive Analytics for Inventory Management
Omni Channel

Predictive Consumer Behaviour Analytics

Autonomous Robot (e.g. to provide sales assistance) 

Construction Site Management and Decision Support

Construction Site Monitoring (e.g. drones for inspection)

Integrated Facilities Management 

Supplier Integration 

Green Building Management System
Tourism and Attractions
Self-Check in Solution

Tourist Profile and Behaviour Analytics 

Autonomous Robot (e.g. for tour guiding or room service)  
Logistics and transport
Freight Optimization or Reconciliation 

Robotics & Automation in Storage Operations 

Multi-Modal Freight Operations

Cargo Consolidation
Singapore Customs, CAAS, SPRING.
Cleaning, Landscaping, Waste Management, Security Guarding Services SectorsIntegrated and Intelligent Surveillance Monitoring
Autonomous Robot (e.g. for patrolling and cleaning)
NEA, SPF, NParks

If you have a proven Sector-Specific solution that has benefited SMEs and ready for mass roll-out, be sure to click here for the Scale-up initiative under IMDA’s Enhanced iSPRINT programme.

For any other enquiries, please email ISPRINT@IMDA.GOV.SG.