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Logistics Industry Digital Plan for SMEs

last updated 03 April 2018

The Logistics Industry Digital Plan (IDP) works as a guide for local SME logistics companies to digitalise their businesses, plug skills gaps and participate in national innovation initiatives.

SMEs in the logistics sector can tap on pre-approved digital solutions to streamline business processes and digitally connect with their business partners within the ecosystem or same value chain. The plan also enables SMEs in the sector to maximise resource-value through advanced automation technologies.

Logistics Industry Digital Plan for SMEs

SMEs can refer to the Industry Digital Guide to assess their digital readiness and identify opportunities for digitalisation.


Logistics Industry Digital Guide

Logistics Industry Fact Sheet

SMEs Self-Assessment Checklist for Logistics Sector

To ease SMEs’ adoption of digital technologies, IMDA has pre-approved digital solutions that are proven, robust and which meet SMEs’ business needs. 

For the list of pre-approved digital solutions supported under the Productivity Solutions Grant, visit: Tech Depot at SME Portal.

Through the IDP, IMDA will identify projects that aim to uplift the whole sector and help SMEs to grow. This is done by partnering large companies or industry leaders to co-create the solutions in such projects in the best interest of SMEs and at the same time align with national initiatives such as the National Trade Platform. 

One of the first projects is the tripartite partnership between IMDA and VCargo Cloud, together with Bollore Logistics (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Dimerco Express Singapore Pte Ltd, and L.C.H. Lockton Pte Ltd. Through MOIs, these major logistics players will lead their SME clients through the digitalisation process using VCargo Cloud’s eCargo Consolidation Platform which will help SME freight forwarders or shippers to lower freight rates and develop internal capabilities and efficiencies. 

At the same time, large freight forwarders or insurance providers can enjoy an additional source of revenue by serving SME freight forwarders or shippers. As a result, data is available for contribution to the National Trade Platform. 

More details will be released. 

The Skills Framework for Logistics, which was launched on 22 September 2017, identifies a spectrum of skills, career pathways and job roles to cater to the new digital workforce. With the identification of the new skills sets, companies can also tap on Workforce Singapore’s Adapt and Grow initiatives such as the Professional Conversion Programmes.

Concurrently, the TechSkills Accelerator (TESA) programme will support the Logistics IDP for SMEs by offering programmes to develop ICT manpower needs to help their businesses in their digitalisation journey. 

Basic Advisory & Consultancy

SMEs that wish to have a more comprehensive review of their business can approach the SME Centre business advisors for a free business diagnosis and advice on the relevant digital solutions. 

Specialist Advisory & Consultancy

SMEs that require specialist advice on more advanced digital solutions will be referred by the SME Centre business advisors to the SME Digital Tech Hub.

We value your input. Send us your comments and feedback on the Industry Digital Plans for SMEs. Simply download, fill in the feedback form and email the completed form to info@imda.gov.sg.