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last updated 03 November 2017

IMDA explores innovative use of emerging technologies to enrich the learning experience and enhance the teaching quality, for the whole education continuum, from early childhood through to adult learning.

We envision that our learners are deeply engaged in learning that is personalised to his/her strengths and preferences, and to address his/her learning gaps and needs. Living in a smart environment will be a way of life for our students where the environment is able to learn about us and adapt to our needs, just as we are able to continually learn about and augment our environment.

We envision that learning through life is to intertwine education and the world of work in ways that strengthen and enrich both, harnessing new technologies that will make learning more agile and relevant to enable adult workers to learn on demand, as well as more immersive and realistic to allow learners to simulate the demonstration of their knowledge in the real world to support skills development. 

Programme Details

The following are the key areas and initiatives that we are focusing our innovation efforts on. Please click on the links below for more information.

  • Play-and Maker-Centred Learning

    In an increasingly technology-rich environment, young children are progressively more exposed to various technology devices for communication, leisure and learning.Read more
  • Digital Maker Programme

    As Singapore embraces a digital economy, it presents us with new opportunities to leverage technology and media to transform the way we live, work and play.Read more
  • Ubiquitous Connectedness in Learning

    As we are building up our Smart Nation, we have to prepare our students to be ready and comfortable living in an inter-connected environment.Read more
  • Personalised Learning Through Analytics

    Embarking on a pursuit into data science with the aim to personalise learning, the use of learning analytics will provide crucial insights into students’ learning strengths and difficulties.Read more