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last updated 03 November 2017

e-freight is a joint programme between IDA and Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore seeking to enhance competitiveness and increase productivity in the air cargo logistics sector through infocomm. A core initiative under this joint programme seeks to interconnect stakeholders in the air cargo logistics supply chain by integrating systems, business processes and data to enable paperless air freight processing and improve industry capabilities.

IDA, in partnership with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore ("CAAS"), issued a Call-for-Collaboration ("CFC") to invite companies to integrate key Info-communications & Technology ("ICT") systems, business processes and data to adopt paperless air freight processing and improve industry capabilities.

Companies may form consortia which comprise a combination of companies including, but not limited to shippers, consignees, freight forwarders, logistics service providers, ground handling agents, airlines, and ICT service providers offering logistics solutions.

As a result of the CFC, three consortia were selected in February 2012 to develop ICT solutions. The three consortia, comprising of 37 companies, included shippers, freight forwarders and ICT vendors. In June 2013, the fourth consortium was awarded to give the industry an additional option when it comes to choosing the right solution.

Interested parties may contact efreight@imda.gov.sg for more information.

Objectives of the CFC

  • Develop and promote an efficient method to manage paperless air cargo processes in Singapore;

  • Establish interoperable data exchange standards, leveraging industry defined messaging standards;

  • Validate e-freight@Singapore key concepts of data@source and data re-use in the preparation of trade, regulatory and transport documents used in the air cargo export process;

In May 2012, the consortia working with the industry, completed formulating the data exchange and inter-operability standards.

When the solutions are fully deployed, desired outcomes include productivity gains and positive business impact for Singapore's air cargo and logistics sector. The solutions would lead to improved work productivity, cost efficiency; time savings, error reduction and increased interoperability.

Participating Consortia Leads

  1. Innosys Pte Ltd
  2. Kewill Pte Ltd
  3. Visiflex Pte Ltd
  4. CCN Pte Ltd

For requests and clarifications, please contact:

Wendy Teo, IDA
DID: +65 6211 0987
Email: efreight@imda.gov.sg

Dennis Yip, IDA
DID: +65 6211 0036
Email: efreight@imda.gov.sg