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Federated Locker and Collection Points Programme

last updated 15 March 2019

Complementing the rapid growth in Singapore’s e-commerce market, this programme aims to raise productivity, improve job quality and ease last mile fulfilment challenges. The programme attempts to create an “alliance” of locker operators, last mile delivery companies and online marketplaces & retailers for a seamless and efficient last mile delivery operations across the island.


The Federated Locker and Collection Points Programme consists of multiple locker stations from various operators being presented as one locker network and functions through a single, interoperability platform with standardised data interchange. The programme looks to create a seamless, secure and consistent user experience across the parcel delivery process. Users across the network including merchants, market places and logistics service providers (LSPs) will be able to perform functions such as determining locker availability and making reservations of a locker via a consistent interaction with the network.

The programme aims to

  • raise productivity and improve job quality for companies dealing in consumer retail
  • improve the liveability of the city by reducing traffic congestion and carbon footprint generated, when performing small parcel delivery
  • ease the last mile fulfilment challenges
  • enable consumers to collect parcels at their convenience


Who can apply?

The Federated Lockers and Collection Points Programme will benefit all parties involved in the e-commerce delivery chain, including the following:

  • Merchants
  • Market places
  • Locker Operators
  • Logistic Service Providers (LSPs)
  • Consumers



The Federated Lockers and Collection Points Programme aims to bring about the following benefits:

Benefits to Marketplaces, Merchants and LSPs:

  • Alleviate Challenges of Last Mile Fulfilment: Efficiency and cost savings through aggregated deliveries to a single locker station instead of individual homes
  • Interoperable: A seamless, secure and consistent user experience across the parcel delivery process for users in the Locker Alliance network
  • Greater Coverage: Improved delivery coverage increases reach to consumers

Benefits to Locker Operators:

  • Improve Access to New Customers: A single interoperability platform with a standardised data exchange allows for easy on boarding of all players onto the system
  • Maximise Assets: Lockers installed at the various locations are now accessible to LSPs, resulting in better utilisation of the lockers

Benefits to Consumers:

  • Convenient Coverage: Access at MRT stations or within 250 meters from HDB residential block[1]
  • Integrates with Consumers’ Lifestyle: More choices for collection and return locations near homes or transport nodes


[1] Selected Towns in Singapore namely, Bukit Panjang and Punggol towns


How to apply?

Interested parties can email their enquiries to: