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Films from 1930s to 1980s

last updated 27 December 2017

Singapore Film Comission

FILMS FROM 1930s to 1980s
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Featured Classic Films:

1) Malay Film Title: Jiran Sekampong

Jiran Sekampong thumb

English Film Title: Neighbours
Director: Hussain Haniff
: Rose Yatimah, Ahmad Osman, Yusoff Latiff, Salleh Mean, Sipot Serawak, Mariam Rahim, Neng Yatimah, Tony kassim, J. Kamisan, Abd. Muhd, normah Zainal, M. Jatirata, Ahmad Sabri.
Duration: 103mins
Genre: Comedy

A twisted tale of love and wishes evolves around the characters in this story. Ibu Rohaini worked with Cik Puan Minah. Salmah, daughter of Cik Minah desired to get married to Hassan, a rich Jamaluddin’s son. However Cik Minah was against it as Hassan was well known as a Casanova. Hassan on the other hand was enamored with Suriani. However, Hassan’s father was against it. He did not like Suriani’s wild sense of dressing and attitude. When Rohaini’s mother was busy working one day, Rohaini was often being watched by Cik Salleh. He had ill intentions towards Rohaini. He was brought to justice for his bad deeds and Hassan managed to convince his family to accept Suriani.

Courtesy of Cathay Organisation

2) Malay Film Title: Sumpah Pontianak

English Film Title: Curse of the Vampire
Director: B.N Rao
Producer: Ho Ah Loke
Cast: Maria Menado, Mustapha Maarof, Salmah Ahmad, Shariff Medan, Yem, S.M Wahid, Rahman Alias, Puteh Lawak, Aman Belon, Amat Sentol, Omar Hitam
Duration: 83mins
Genre: Horror

Comel was cursed to be a Pontianak and was tortured by the villagers but managed to escape with her daughter's help, Maria. Comel was later accused as a killer with an appearance of a vicious animal killing several villagers. Later, Comel unhooks the nail on the neck so that she could have her power back to rescue Maria. In the end, the vicious animal was killed but while they were having a feast, Maria was kidnapped again. Comel risked her life to save Maria and promised to be always by her side.

Courtesy of Cathay Organisation

3) Malay Film Title: Seniman Bujang Lapok

Seniman thumb

English Film Title: The Nitwit Movie Stars; lit. The Bachelor Actors
Director: P. Ramlee
Producer: Malay Film Productions
Cast: P. Ramlee, Azai Satar, S. Shamsuddin, Saloma, Zaiton, Ahmad Nisfu, Kemat Hassan, Ahmad Mahmud, M. Zain, S. Kadarisman, Siti Tanjung Perak.
Duration: 120mins
Genre: Comedy

Ramli, Asis and Sudin are a crazy trio facing daily problems in the crowded boarding house where they live. Jobless and penniless, they decide to go for a screen test, hoping to be movie stars.

Courtesy of Shaw Organisation

4) Malay Film Title: Ibu Mertuaku

English Film Title: My Mother-in-Law
Director: P. Ramlee
Producer: Malay Film Productions
Cast: Sarimah, P. Ramlee, Ahmad Mahmud, Mak Dara, Ahmad Nisfu, Zainon Fiji
Duration: 120mins
Genre: Drama

Kassim Selamat is a talented saxophonist and famous singer. When one fan, Sabariah makes a courage effort to phone him and then meet him, it is love at first sight. But Sabariah’s mother strongly disapproves and wants her daughter to marry Doctor Ismadi. Sabariah and Kassim get married nevertheless and leave Singapore to settle down in Penang. When Sabariah becomes pregnant, she is taken back to Singapore by her mother while Kassim stays on in Penang. Sabariah’s mother, still unhappy with their marriage, sends a false telegram to Kassim stating that Sabariah passed away while giving birth. Kassim’s devastation causes him to cry until he becomes blind.

Courtesy of Shaw Organisation