Asra Aman Producer

Last Updated on 20 April 2018
asra aman papahan

A graduate of Chapman University, Asra Aman is a Creative Producer with several awardwinning dramas under her belt. The driving force behind hit series, Papa, Rock! (2011) and the two-decade spanning drama, BFF (2011), she has since gone on to produce other dramas such as Mr Perfect (2011), the ten-year anniversary SARS docu-drama, and multi-platform storytelling dramas such as Firasat (2014).

In 2014, she brought her well-honed production expertise to the big screen with her first feature film, Banting. Always on the lookout to find creative ways to produce both thoughtprovoking yet commercially driven projects, she was keenly involved in the creative process prior to the production of the film.

She is currently with Papahan Films.