Country of Focus

Unfolding the Story

In Indonesia – Unfolding The Story, Shanty Harmayn, a prominent voice for the advancement of Indonesia’s creative industries, sheds light on the country’s developing landscape and the transformative roles its film industry has taken on.

The Rise and Grind

In The Rise (and Grind), Ben Soebiakto, Indonesian businessman and co-founder of creative summit IDEAFEST, shares with us the growth of Indonesia’s creative media industry.

New Faces of Asian Cinema

Asian films have been playing a role to introduce Asia, its people and cultures to the global community, and the many stories unique to the region provide a representation of its identity and an illumination of the Asian commune.

The Unstoppable Shine of Indonesia

The Singapore Media Festival's editorial team presents a three-part series that focuses on Indonesian industry professionals and personalities under SMF -- The Scoop. In this series' finale, we invite three representatives from the Festival's constituent events to share with us why everyone should keep their eyes peeled on this year's Country-of-Focus, and what each of their respective events brings to both local and international festivalgoers this 2017.

10 Things About Joko Anwar

A film writer, critic and director, Joko Anwar is a known name in the Indonesian media circle. The award-winning film auteur ventured to television production in 2015 where he wrote and directed the acclaimed television series, Halfworlds. The urban drama was a big winner at the Asia Pacific Apollo Awards, and at the Asian Television Awards 2016, it was nominated for Best Drama Series, with Joko himself being nominated in the category for Best Direction.