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last updated 03 November 2017

Cheer on the competitors in the Remote-Control Tank Battlefield and Tech Saturday Super Cup Challenge!

Remote-Control (RC) Tank Battlefield

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Be a tank commander for the day, take control and command of the battle situation! Together as a team, display your art of strategic warfare and knowledge in RC tanks in the infra-red battlefield. This event is taking place on Saturday, 29 April 2017.

Sign up for this tactical battle of wits here.

Drone Try-out Zone

Drone Try-out Zone

Ever thought of flying a drone? Drone fans can now get their chance to fly one in the Drone Try-out Zone. Pilot your way through obstacles and start your pilot career today! This event is open for everyone to take part from 29 to 30 April.

Super Cup Challenge 2017

Participate in the inaugural Tech Saturday Super Cup Challenge 2017 for a prize pool worth of $3,000 for each game.


ArmaGallant: Decks of Destiny
Up your game in the deck-building, real-time strategy game – ArmaGallant: Decks of Destiny. Created by local game developer Rock Nano Global, ArmaGallant combines the worlds of deck-building, real-time strategy (RTS) and multi-player online battle arena (MOBA) video games and is the first Singapore-made game to be released in box sets in retail stores in Europe and US! Come try the game on 29th April and participate in the ArmaGallant tournament on 30th April. $3,000 worth of prizes will be distributed to the top 8 players.

Sign up for the Armagallant tournament here.


You can play as a team in the FIFA 17 soccer game, pit your skills against other challengers or simply observe to be a FIFA pro. Watch as the top 32 challengers pit against each other for the final bag of prizes worth $3,000 at the event!

Sign up for the FIFA 17 soccer game competition here.

Aspire in joining the gaming industry? Pop by Arena+ at the Tech Saturday (Upsized!) event and learn how game development and related professional roles have developed into an exciting industry in Singapore.