Guiding Principles and Procedures For Participation in International Standards Meetings


International Standardisation

  1. ITSC and its TCs and WGs participate actively in regional and international standardisation forums to represent Singapore’s interests related to infocomm standards. The objective of participating in these forums are to:
    1. Influence the development of international infocomm standards in areas that are important to Singapore.
    2. Monitor emerging international standards in order to keep abreast of developments of relevance to Singapore.
    3. Harmonise the development of Singapore infocomm standards with those internationally to ensure that Singapore is better integrated with the worldwide infrastructure and systems and the global economy.

Participation in International Standards Organisations

  1. ITSC’s participation in international standards organisations is evaluated based on the following considerations: 
    1. Economic impact and benefits of the technology standards to our local industry
    2. Supporting national agenda and interests
    3. Supporting the growth of emerging industry
  2. ITSC, its TCs and WGs participates as Participating (P) and Observer (O) Members in ISO and JTC 1 Committees. The commitment of being a P or O member are as follows:
    1. P Member
      • As P member of ISO and JTC 1 committees, the ITSC, its TC and WGs must cast timely votes and submit comments on all international standard documents (Systematic Reviews, Committee Drafts (CD), Draft International Standards (DIS) and Final Draft International Standards (FDIS)) in accordance with Singapore’s interests through the parent TC Chair or Secretary or ITSC Secretariat.
      • Attend the respective international standards meetings as required and be able to represent all aspects of the agreed national position to safeguard Singapore’s interest.
      • Consider adopting the international standard for Singapore without modification, and where modification is unavoidable, provide detailed justification, e.g. local regulatory requirements, tropical conditions, special consideration.
    2. O Member
      • Monitor all international standard documents (Systematic Review, CD, DIS, FDIS) and submit recommendations in accordance with Singapore’s interest through the parent TC Chair or Secretary or ITSC Secretariat, where necessary
      • Attend the respective international standards meetings where required.
    3. Only ITSC Council members, TC or WG members may participate in ISO, JTC 1 meetings.
    4. TC Chairs are responsible to identify suitable candidate(s) from his/her TC or WG to attend the international standards meetings and to register Singapore’s participation in the meetings through the ITS Secretariat and Enterprise Singapore.
    5. Prior to attending international standards meetings, the Singapore delegates should discuss with their parent TC on Singapore’s position. If there is more than one delegate attending the meetings, the appointed Head of Delegation (HOD) will be the spokesperson during the meeting.
    6. The HOD shall present the national position at these meetings. On matters which have not been previously deliberated, the HOD should try to delay a formal decision to be taken at the meeting so that its parent TC or ITSC can be consulted on their views. If however, a decision is required, the HOD may request for an adjournment to consult with other members of the delegation on Singapore’s position.
    7. Within one month of their return, the ITSC Council members, TC or WG members shall submit a brief report of the international meeting and relevant documents to their TC, ITSC Secretariat and Enterprise Singapore for further action. If required, a presentation shall also be made to the TC concerned or ITSC.