ITSC Code of Conduct

The ITSC Code of Conduct (Code) is to facilitate ITSC’s work and activities which is carried out in a multi-stakeholder, multi-sector environment. It applies to industry members who choose to participate in ITSC, its TCs and WGs. The Code is an obligation for participation in ITSC and its subgroups.

As participants of ITSC’s programmes and activities, ITSC Council, TC and WG members are committed to adhere to the Code below:

Contribute to ITSC for the benefit of the Singapore industry and community

  • Recognise that the development of international and Singapore standards is for the benefit of Singapore, over and above the interests of any individual, organisation, professional body, industry association, academia, research institute or company.
  • Commit to advancing the international and Singapore standards within their agreed scope and will not hinder their development.
  • Promote the adoption of international and Singapore standards effectively to support the dissemination of technology, good practice and sustainable development, and to reduce barriers to trade.

Commit to consensus building and governance

  • Agree to uphold the key principles of international and Singapore standardisation, i.e. consensus, transparency, openness, impartiality, effectiveness, relevance and coherence in the development, promotion and adoption of standardisation programmes.
Participate actively
  • Agree to participate actively in ITSC’s standards development, promotion and adoption programmes and in accordance to ITSC and Enterprise Singapore’s policies and procedures.
Behave ethically
  • Will act in good faith and with due care and diligence.
  • Commit to promoting a culture of fair and ethical behaviour.
  • Be honest in stating claims, not lay claims to competency that we do not posses and to disclose any relevant personal interests.
  • Declare any conflicts of interest.
Respect others
  • Respect others and the professional culture of standardisation in the international and Singapore’s standards community. In meetings, to:
    • Conduct ourselves in a professional manner
    • Respect others and their opinions
    • Accept group decisions
    • Ensure that the views of all are heard and understood.

Adhere to Enterprise Singapore and ITSC policies on intellectual property rights

Agree to adhere to Enterprise Singapore’s and ITSC’s guidelines when reproducing or distributing ISO and ESG publications or standards protected by copyright.