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Imagine a smart bus stop equipped with sensors to detect rain and heat, and activating retractable shelters and cooling systems respectively. How about smart robot cleaners that roam the malls at night, each with a designated cleaning area and deployed only when necessary? These could be possible in the near future!

The annual hackathon Code::XtremeApps:: (CXA) concluded this year with the prize presentation ceremony awarding the best solutions devised to address several real-world challenge statements posed.

Organised by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) and IT Standards Committee (ITSC), the CXA hackathon aims to raise the awareness of coding, computational thinking and problem solving, and to get more people of all ages interested. The hackathon also aims to encourage the use of standards when deriving solutions.

The longest-running 24-hour hackathon is into its 11th year, and saw 118 teams comprising more than 340 participants – a mix of students, software engineers, business analysts, programmers and more - coming together this year to compete in computer programming, to innovate and solve challenges using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and standards, and to fuel solutions towards this year’s theme on "My Smart City: Connecting Our Senses".

Participants were split into three broad categories – Junior, for those aged 12 or up to Primary 6; School, for those in secondary to pre-university; and Open, for enthusiasts of all ages, including students from polytechnics, universities, and working professionals.                             

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CXA also continued its strong history of ensuring participating teams were well prepared, with multiple workshops and site visits organised prior to competition day to give participants the basics of not just IoT technologies, but also on standards, data analytics, business intelligence, and the personal data protection act.

Challenge statements this year were contributed by the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore, PSA Singapore and Suntec City. The topics include:

- fleet management

- hot-desking

- smart inventory and asset management

- cyber security

- crowd engagement

- feedback management

Teams were assessed based on a range of criteria including key elements such as how well challenge statements were addressed, the value and impact of the applications to end-users and their technical features. Solutions that are seen to be viable, may have potential funding opportunities to develop the ideas further.

The winners for CXA 2017 are:

Junior Category

1St Prize - Pro Hackers (Ulu Pandan Stars)

Puneeth Choudhary Kollu, Dylan Leong & Noor Iman Bin Ahmad Fairuz

2nd Prize - Kick Your Ass (VI Dimensions & Bukit View Primary)

Anjali Curic & Sophia Curic

3rd Prize - #dkdc (Ulu Pandan Stars)

Gillian Ng Xi Wen, Audrey Leong & Tan Gao Hong

School Category

1St Prize - Hacker Republic (Dunman High School)

Doreen Ting Luo Qi, Jerrayl Ng & Liu Chen-En

2nd Prize - No Code No Life (National Junior College)

Ni Tianzhen, Yan Zhiwen & Teng Hongyu

3rd Prize - AppWizards (Hwa Chong Institution, Raffles Institution & Anglo-Chinese School (Independent))

Khua Yan Han Cedric, Daniel Choo & Yong Yi-Tze Elliot

Open Category

1St Prize - Neptune (PSA Corporation)

Lim Jiayi Jay, Wang Yaofeng & Oh Yong Liang

2nd Prize - XCVI (Nanyang Technological University & National University of Singapore)

Denise Tan, Sherina Toh Shi Pei & Jarrett Yeo Shan Wei

3rd Prize - R3D3 (Nanyang Technological University)

Lim Jia Song John, Seetoh Rui Ming Daniel & Nisha Srinidhi

Best & Innovative by Design Prize (sponsored by PSA) - XCVI (Nanyang Technological University & National University of Singapore)

Denise Tan, Sherina Toh Shi Pei & Jarrett Yeo Shan Wei

Security by Design Prize (sponsored by Cyber Security Agency) - InsertTeamName (Singapore University of Technology and Design)

Yin Ji Sheng, Yim Tat Yuen Bernard & Nicholas Yeow Teng Mun

For more information, you may refer to the competition website at