code::XtremeApps:: 2018

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Participants rose to the challenge of developing innovative solutions to address today’s most challenging issues such as fake news and terrorism, at the 12th edition of the annual hackathon Code::XtremeApps:: (CXA).

The hackathon’s theme, “Changing our world with AI (Artificial Intelligence)”, challenged the participants to develop AI solutions that can improve lives and the environment. Singapore’s longest-running hackathon saw 332 participants form 122 teams to develop solutions to make Singapore an even better place to work, live, learn and play.

The winning solutions of the top teams include improving disaster relief efforts and day to day structural inspections through the use of data and algorithms to map transport routes that can enable first responders to travel safely through the disaster area; detecting fake Twitter posts; and a virtual and auditory monitoring of babies using a pre-trained deep learning model to predict the reasons for baby cries and the appropriate responses.

Code::XtremeApps:: 2018’s  challenge statements were contributed by Motorola Solutions, NVIDIA, and MicroStrategy in addition to the organising committee. They include:

  • AI empowered applications to assist and improve daily lives in areas of Education, Healthcare, Environment, Personal Help or Home;
  • Data visualisation;
  • Intelligent enterprises;
  • Public health and safety
  • Spotting fake news; and
  • Smart chatbots;

Teams were assessed according to how well challenge statements were addressed, the value and impact of the applications to end-users and their technical features.

The winners for CXA 2018 are:

Junior Category

1st Prize - Charcoal Leaf (Rosyth School, St Stephen’s School & Overseas Family School)

Darion Tan Rui Yu, Austin Lim & Ashir Sai Kapoor

2nd Prize - Konvicshon (Nan Hua Primary School, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, Nanyang Primary School)

Nahshon Lau, Kate Low Li En, Victor Wee Yi-De

3rd Prize - SgCoders (Saint Joseph Junior, Chong Zheng Primary School, Tao Nan School)

Roshan Panicker, Phoo Chuan Teck, Onno Elwin de Regt


School Category

1st Prize - DefinitelyHappenStance (Dunman High School)

Chen Yiyang, Dai Tianle, Tan Xiaochen

2nd Prize - RGS Team 1 (NUS High School)

Ang Kang Rong Roy, Zheng Ching Chan Kyle, Tang Yetong

3rd Prize - H4x0rs (Hwa Chong Institution, Nanyang Girls’ High School, UWCSEA Dover)

Lye Wen Jun, Jamie Wee & Erica Ong

Merit Award - Cheat Codes (NUS High School of Maths and Science)

Liew Wei Pyn, Vikram Ramanathan & Lim Li Xin


Open Category

1st Prize - Artificial Idiot (Singapore Polytechnic)

Yeo Zhao Yik Francis, Zhao Fengye & Lau Wei Yang Jeffery

2nd Prize - SW7 (SecureAge Technology, ST Engineering Electronics & DSTA)

Ni Weijun Benjamin, Choo Jia Hui & Goh Jia Ying

3rd Prize - Mates (SMU School of Law, NUS School of Computing & SMU School of Social Sciences)

Wan Ding Yao, Tan Yu Xin Glenice & Ng Kok Yin


Special Prize (trip to Motorola Solutions' Chief Technology Office in Chicago, USA sponsored by Motorola Solutions) Artificial Idiot (Singapore Polytechnic)

Yeo Zhao Yik Francis, Zhao Fengye & Lau Wei Yang Jeffery