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Singapore Standard

A Singapore Standard (SS) is a nationally recognised document, established by broad consensus, including a two-month public review as required under the World trade Organization Technical Barriers to Trade (WTO BT) Agreement before publication by Enterprise Singapore. A SS can take the form of a code of practice, guide, specification, test method, terminology or management system. Conformance to standards is voluntary in nature except when specified by the regulatory bodies in legislation, e.g. Fire Code Act and Workplace Safety & Health Act.

Enterprise Singapore as the national standards body, is empowered by the law to establish and publish SS by the notification in the gazette.

Technical Reference

A Technical Reference (TR) is a pre-Singapore Standard that is developed with the aim of meeting an urgent industry need. This could be done in light of rapid technological changes or absence of a reference standard. Unlike a SS, a TR is published without the two-month public comment, as additional development time taken could affect its relevance to market need.

A TR is implemented for two years before a review is made on its suitability to become a Singapore Standard based on the feedback on the application of the TR by the industry. The review may result in the continuation of the TR for further industry trial, withdrawal of the TR if no longer required by the industry or elevated as a SS.

Singapore IT Standards established:

Standard No.Standard Title
Singapore Standard
SS 362 : Part 1 : 2013
Specification For GS1 Bar Coding System
Part 1 : GS1 - An Unambiguous International Product Identification System
Singapore Standard
SS 362 : Part 2 : 2013
Specification For GS1 Bar Coding System
Part 2 : GS1 Code 128 And Application Identifier Standard
Singapore Standard
SS 467 : 2002 (2012)
Specification for Smart Card Reader Application Program Interface (API)
Singapore Standard
SS 468 : 1999 (2012)
Specification for Stored Value Card Application
Singapore Standard
SS 507 : 2015
Information and Communications Technology Disaster Recovery Services
Singapore Standard
SS 518 : 2014 (Incorporating Amendment 1, January 2019)
Specification for Contactless E-Purse Application
Singapore Standard
SS 526 : Part 1: 2006 (2014)
Specification for Content Exchange Metadata Standards For The Education Sector
Part 1 : Metadata Standards
Singapore Standard
SS 526 : Part 2: 2006 (2014)
Specification for Content Exchange Metadata Standards For The Education Sector
Part 2 : Taxonomy Standards
Singapore Standard
SS 529 : 2006
Specification for Smart Card ID
Singapore Standard
SS 564 : Part 1: 2013
Green Data Centres
Part 1 : Energy and Environmental Management Systems
Singapore Standard
SS 564 : Part 2: 2013
Green Data Centres
Part 2 : Guidance for Energy and Environment Management Systems
Singapore Standard
SS 584 : 2015
Specification for Multi-tier Cloud Computing Security
Singapore Standard
SS 587 : 2013
Management of End-of-Life ICT Equipment
Singapore Standard
SS 611 : 2016
ISO 20022 Corporate-to-Bank Payment Initiation and Payment Status
Singapore Standard
SS 618 : 2016
Guidelines on user interface design for older adults
Singapore Standard
SS ISO/IEC 27001:2019
Information technology - Security techniques - Information security management systems - Requirements
Singapore Standard
SS ISO/IEC 27002:2019
Information technology - Security techniques - Code of practice for information security controls
Singapore Standard
SS ISO/IEC 21878:2019
Information technology - Security techniques - Security guidelines for design and implementation of virtualised servers
Technical Reference
TR 29 : 2012 (Incorporating Amendment 1, July 2012)
National Authentication Framework-- Authentication Operator Interface Messages
Technical Reference
TR 33 : 2013
Data as a Service (DaaS) Application Programming Interface (API) Design
Technical Reference
TR 38 : 2014
Sensor Network for Smart Nation (public areas)
Technical Reference
TR 40 : 2015
Sensor Networks for Smart Nation (homes)
Technical Reference
TR 41 : 2015
Data Quality Metrics
Technical Reference
TR 45 : 2016
Remote Vital Signs Monitoring
Technical Reference
TR 47 : 2016
Internet of Things Reference Architecture for Smart Nation
Technical Reference
TR 50 : 2016
Internet of Things Information and Services Interoperability for Smart Nation
Technical Reference
TR 55 : 2016
Data Versioning
Technical Reference
TR 62 : 2018
Guidelines for Cloud Outage Incident Response (COIR)
Technical Reference
TR 64 : 2018
Guidelines for IoT Security for Smart Nation
Technical Reference
TR 67 : 2018
Connected Medical Device Security
Technical Reference
TR 69 : Part 1 : 2019

Video Analytics within Video Surveillance Systems

Part 1: Reference architecture and interoperability

Technical Reference
TR 69 : Part 2 : 2019

Video Analytics within Video Surveillance Systems

Part 2: Selection, installation and benchmarking

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Copyright of Standards

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