Cloud Computing Standards Technical Committee (CCSTC)

The Cloud Computing Standards Technical Committee was set up to address the industry demands for cloud computing standards.

TC composition and structure

Cloud Computing Standards Technical Committee has the following main composition:

TC Chairman

Mr Robert Chew
Individual capacity

The TC comprises the following Working Groups (WGs):
      i. Multi-tier Cloud Security WG

      ii. Data WG

      iii. Cloud Outage Incident Response (COIR) WG

      iv. Server Virtualisation Security WG

Singapore Standards under CCSTC

Singapore Standard SS 584 : 2015Specification for Multi-tiered Cloud Computing Security
Technical Reference TR 30 : 2012Technical Reference for Virtualisation Security for Servers
Technical Reference TR 33 : 2013Technical Reference for Data as a Service (DaaS) Application Programming Interface (API) Design
Technical Reference TR 41 : 2015Technical Reference for Data Quality Metrics
Technical Reference TR 55 : 2016Technical Reference for Data Versioning