Green Information Technology Technical Committee (GITTC)

The Green IT Technical Committee (GITTC) aims to establish Singapore at the fore-front of providing sustainable IT services and solutions, by providing a consistent and coordinated approach in the development of green IT standards for Singapore.

 It also promotes Green IT standards by creating user awareness, and encouraging their use and adoption by local enterprises and organisations.

TC composition and structure

GITTC has the following main composition:

TC Chairman

Mr Wong Wai Meng
Chief Executive Officer
Keppel Data Centres

International Standards Participation

The TC represents Singapore as a ‘Participating’ or ‘P’ member of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC39 on ‘Sustainability for and by IT’, and its two Working Groups:

  1. WG1 - Resource Efficient Data Centres
  2. WG2 - Green ICT

* P-members participate actively in the work and have an obligation to vote on all questions submitted to vote within the technical committee. 

Singapore Standards Under GITTC

Singapore Standard
SS 564: Part 1: 2013
Green Data Centres
Part 1: Energy and Environmental Management Systems
Singapore Standard
SS 564: Part 2: 2013
Green Data Centres
Part 2: Guidance for Energy and Environment Management Systems
Singapore Standard
SS 587: 2013
Management of End-of-Life ICT Equipment