Health Informatics Technical Committee (HITC)

The Health Informatics Technical Committee (HITC) focuses on the standardisation of health data, including their structure, electronic exchange between health informatics systems, collection and processing, and security. It is aligned with the national objective to implement a National Electronic Health Record for Singapore.

TC composition and structure

HITC has the following main composition:

TC Chairman

Dr Julian Sham
‎Principal Director, Health

TC Secretary

Mr Andy Tan
‎Principal Medical Informatics Specilaist
National University Health System

International Standards Participation

The TC represents Singapore as an ‘Observer’ or ‘O’ member of ISO/TC 215 on ‘Health Informatics’.

* O-members follow the work as an observer but cannot make any comments about the development process or vote.

Singapore Standards Under HITC

Technical Reference
TR 45 : 2016

Technical Reference for Remote Vital Signs Monitoring

Technical Reference
TR 67 : 2018

Technical Reference for Connected Medical Device Security