Know your customers better and multiply restaurants profitability with TabSquare

Last updated: 20 May 2022

Published on: 29 May 2018

Despite being in the business for years, many restaurants struggle to find out exactly what are their customers’ favourite dishes. Some may have an inkling based on experience, but hard data is often difficult to come by.

Add the high turnover rate of staff and the experience could be even thinner to draw on. At the same time, the labour crunch in the F&B sector has been affecting restaurants that seek to provide quality service but cannot hire enough staff.

One solution comes from local company TabSquare. It offers an integrated restaurant management and customer engagement platform that makes each customer interaction meaningful, convenient and profitable. The front-of-house automation has helped F&B outlets boost bill value, improve service and solve staff shortage issues.

Using a tablet to order from every table, customers at a restaurant can easily browse the menu, get dish recommendations, food pairing suggestions and then place their orders and make payment. They can also redeem loyalty points and give feedback.

This helps improve the experience and reduce waiting time. Called SmartTab, the system is backed by a cloud-based content management system, real-time dashboards as well as a secure and stable communication server.

Using proprietary algorithms, it harnesses Big Data analytics and artificial intelligence for menu engineering, data-driven up selling and cross-selling to deliver up to 10 per cent increase in average check size.

The data-driven menu capabilities enable restaurants to suggest high value items, best sellers and specialties to increase average bill values. Through TabSquare’s advanced analytics of transaction and interaction data, restaurants now understand consumer behaviour and spending patterns. The result: improved efficiency and higher profit margins.

By tracking the more popular choices among patrons, the technology also sends reminders to re-stock when ingredients run low. This means restaurants can better handle their inventory.

Leading brands such as Creative Eateries, Food Theory Group, Minor Food Group, Paradise Group, Suki Group, the Seoul Garden chain of restaurants and Tadcaster Hospitality have used TabSquare to give their businesses a vital edge.

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