Most Innovative Use of Infocomm Technology (Private Sector - Open)

Jurong Port Pte Ltd
Smart Gate

Product/Solution Description:

Jurong Port’s (JP) Smart Gate is an integrated one-stop gate processing solution for a multipurpose port.

Every day, more than 2,000 vehicles and 3,000 port users pass through our main gate, transporting about 50,000 tons of cargo a day. The efficiency of the main gate is key to ensure a smooth customer experience as well as to meet our safety and security requirements. Owing to the diverse range of cargo handled, an off-the-shelf solution could not address our unique requirements.

Smart Gate integrates various technologies, selected after intensive testing, to achieve a single-touch experience for port user without compromising security. Some of the technologies integrated include, but not limited to, the following:

  • 2-tier gate access with biometric verification, a vascular vein reader selected for its field-proved reliability and ease of use
  • Lane management to manage vehicles based on traffic conditions
  • CCTV with video content analytics
  • Real time intelligent logic processing based on the inputs from various subsystems
  • Smart UI design automatically highlighting areas of concern, e.g. security validation

Benefits of Smart Gate

Smart Gate’s objectives are aligned with that of Smart Port whereby it reduces manpower requirements, reduces supply chain bottlenecks and allows more efficient deployment of manpower by automating manual & repetitive work. The gate is also part of the port’s overall data sensor network to continuously collect and use data to streamline port processes. The gate is designed with JP’s future plans in mind and would be able to cater to the port’s growing cargo volumes.

By leveraging on right technologies and automating manual work, there has been a 61% reduction in document processing time at the gate. Faster and easier clearance at the gate improves the user experience of port users. Reliable technology also has enabled JP to enhance the security of the port.

About Jurong Port

Headquartered in Singapore, Jurong Port (JP) is a leading international multipurpose port operator. Established in 1965, the port initially served Singapore’s Jurong Industrial Estate. JP has since expanded to serve as Singapore’s main general and bulk cargo gateway. Today, it welcomes more than 15,000 vessels each year from both the region and internationally. In 2015, Jurong Port’s local and overseas terminals handled close to 34 million tons of general and bulk cargo, and 560,000 TEUs of container cargo.

Internationally, JP operates two joint venture terminals in China and two in Indonesia.
The port had won the Most Innovative Use of Infocomm Technology (Private Sector) - Merit Award at the Singapore National Infocomm Awards 2010 for “Transforming General & Bulk Cargo Operations through Infocomm Technologies”.

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