The National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF) is a manpower planning tool that defines the competencies needed and the levels in which they are performed for various key infocomm occupations, thus facilitating skill development and career progression.

The main aim of NICF is to widen and expand the capabilities of infocomm professionals and guide their career development, based on standards agreed upon by the industry and companies. With NICF, infocomm professionals have greater access to training so that they can attain recognised certifications. NICF encourages workers to continually upgrade themselves and develop their vocational competence with specific occupational skills and generic employability skills.

NICF provides infocomm professionals with vital information and knowledge (based on standards agreed upon by the industry) that enables them to:

  • Map out a successful career by discovering the different types of career pathways (vertical or horizontal) that they could take; 

  • Assess competencies necessary in their current position; 

  • Be informed about the competencies they need to progress (to move either vertically or horizontally); 

  • Attain information on the types of training that could help them close skill gaps in their current position; and 

  • Stay relevant and competitive in the infocomm industry.

NICF provides employers with vital information and knowledge (based on standards agreed upon by the industry) that enables them to:

  • Assess competencies of infocomm employees;
  • Raise efficiency of their organisation by learning about the types of courses that can improve the productivity and close skill gaps of infocomm employees; 
  • Manage talent and maximise the potential of infocomm employees; 
  • Ensure effective HR recruitment when assessing the employability of potential infocomm employees, and developing accurate occupation descriptions and identifying required skills for occupations; and 
  • Ensure effective HR development when planning employees? training and career pathways.