Digital Participation Pledge



The Digital Participation Pledge encourages organisations to play their part to help Singaporeans acquire skills and adopt digital technology. Organisations that pledge will commit to fulfilling at least one of the actionable items:  

  • Equip employees with digital skills;
  • Educate customers/ clients/ stakeholders on the use of their digital services;
  • Offer and design their digital services to be inclusive and safe; and
  • Volunteer or give resources to support digital-readiness efforts

Who can pledge?

  • All organisations of any sizes who have an office in Singapore 
  • The pledge is also open to organisations from the people and public sectors
  • Anyone within the organisation can pledge. Each organisation may determine the appropriate representative according to its own corporate policies


  • Organisations will be recognised on the pledge signatories page for their commitment to support the Digital Readiness movement 
  • Organisations are able to access information on resources such as grants and educational guides to help them get started
  • Organisations can share their digitalisation efforts at suitable platforms such as the DPP website, Recognition Awards or the media to inspire others to learn from them.  

How to pledge?

Organisations can play their part now to help Singapore be digitally ready by taking the Digital Participation Pledge today! Visit

Last updated on: 21 Jun 2019