U Live Symposium

U Live Symposium 2019 – Popular Tech Workshops for Active Agers

The U Live Symposium 2019 is for active-agers aged 50 years and above to learn how to work smarter, live fuller and play more by reaping the benefits of technology. Participants will be able to engage in experiential hands-on learning and learn how they can utilize technology easily in their daily lives through a series of tech workshops, talks, showcases and demos. A group of U Live Cyber Guides who are trained on government and popular mobile apps, will be available on-site to assist other participants on the day itself. 

Join us on 1 December 2019 at Downtown East and register on this website

Shopee Logo

Tech@Shopee: Coding for Youths

Shopee provides opportunities for youths from low-income families who are keen on learning coding. During the 3-hour workshop, volunteer trainers will inspire and teach youths to code and understand the importance of coding. The workshop will begin with an introduction to Coding and Python, followed by hands-on acitivities with Python and creating a Chatbot. These workshops are customized to incorporate practical elements whereby participants have the opportunity to create and build real-world solutions to real problems.

Tiny Thinkers

Tiny Thinkers I & II

Tiny Thinkers I was started by a group of NTU students to introduce computational thinking to preschool children and their parents through specially-curated games on a dedicated website, hands-on workshops to guide parents and a Starter Kit filled with materials to kickstart the preschool children’s journey in computational thinking.

Expanding from the Tiny Thinkers I project, Unfair advantage started Tiny Thinkers II to include more acitivities in the Junior Computational Thinking kit to kick-start preschool children’s journey in computational thinking, conduct workshops to reach out to pre-schoolers from low-income families, and keep the website updated with more activities and resources for anyone to use.

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AppiLearn photo

AppiLearn Mobile App and Website

SG Primary MCQ is a mobile application (app) and mobile-enabled website where learners from any background can have free and unlimited access to quality education resources and support. These resources and support are contributed by volunteers with a passion to share their knowledge and contribute to the society.'

This platform will enable teachers and volunteer tutors to create and share digital teaching contents which can be accessible by an unlimited number of students anytime and anywhere, allowing learners to learn at their own pace indefinitely.

Download the Android version here or iOS version here.

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Hatch Immersive

Hatch Immersive and Workshops

Hatch Immersive targets youths from low-income, dropout, and at-risk backgrounds and brings them through a 1-month comprehensive training that comprise technical skills in either UI,UX Design or Digital Marketing, workplace skills and industry exposure. These provides them with the essential skills to enter the workforce and become independent. Upon successful completion of the training, youths will be given a 3-month internship opportunity in one of the partner companies. At the end of the internship, the youths would either convert to full-time or pursue further education.

These Hatch Workshops target secondary school students who may not be excelling academically or are identified by the teachers to be “long-term absent”, to provide students with exposure to skills-based jobs and to build their self-confidence to secure these jobs.

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Engineering Good

Engineering Good

Engineering Good conducted a Tech for Good Festival on 2nd November 2019 which celebrated how technology can help make life better for people with disabilities. Participants took part in workshops by Engineering Good and our partners, and learnt how they could help. Additionally, they also viewed a showcase of inventions by the Tech For Good contestants and partners.

Additionally, Engineering Group is also conducting “We Hack Care!” workshops where participants will learn how to DIY low-cost assistive devices through simple engineering and donate the modified devices to VWOs and Special education schools (SPEDs) to support them in their training and daily activities.

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Last updated on: 27 Nov 2019