Urban Logistics

Urban Logistics keeps a city going by ensuring the efficient delivery of goods to people and business.

Rapid urbanisation coupled with the growth of e-Commerce, opening up a wide array of options to consumers, has created a strain on existing infrastructure and resources to the urban logistics sector. Tackling the issue entails more than increasing resources such as vehicles, drivers or roads.

Innovation and maximising the utilisation of current resources through adoption of new technologies and driving new modes of collaborations is essential in ensuring the long term sustainability of the industry. Technology is envisioned to work as an enabler to allow for the sharing of resources, coordinating of delivery schedules and routes as well as removing inherent inefficiencies in the logistics supply chain.

Urban logistics supports a multitude of sectors and increasing the efficiency of operations ensures that traffic congestion is minimised, overcrowding of shipments are avoided and overall deliveries are optimised. Productivity is in turn improved for the industry, resulting in a downstream effect for all its affiliated sectors.

Last updated on: 03 Jul 2020