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Board of Film Censors

last updated 03 November 2017

Media classification provides the public with information on a particular movie and game through ratings and consumer advice. With these ratings, consumers can better decide if the content is suitable for them or their children.

​​Consultation is a cornerstone of classification. The BFC is advised by the Films Consultative Panel (FCP) to ensure that its rating decisions, guidelines and policies reflect community standards and social norms.

Greater involvement by the community contributes to more robust guidelines, and it also enables the public to be better informed about Singapore's approach to content classification. Advisory panels are made up of individuals from different sectors of society including housewives, educationists, psychologists and business professionals.

The BFC also conducts focus groups and commissions public surveys to better understand broader community views about classification issues.​

​With the proliferation of media content and delivery platforms, co-regulation with the industry is important. The industry is encouraged to be socially responsible and to take adequate steps to ensure that content meets community standards. This partnership with the industry enables IMDA to be responsive to both public and industry needs.

To empower the video industry, IMDA has launched a pilot Co-Classification Scheme in July 2011 which allows video companies with certified content assessors to co-classify videos that are rated G, PG and PG13. The intent of this pilot scheme is to facilitate a faster turnaround for video classification and to develop industry capability by training a pool of content assessors who are familiar in interpreting the classification guidelines. At present, companies which submit video​​ titles under this scheme get to enjoy financial benefits and faster clearance.

Co-regulation is also practised by the industry in the area of publicity materials. Companies can decide on the marketing and publicity of their films, videos and video games, referring to the BFC only when in doubt.

The industry is also regularly consulted when IMDA reviews its codes, guidelines and policies.​​

​As part of its public education initiative, the BFC conducts classification talks for students and teachers at IMDA. Each session consists of a presentation by a BFC classifier, with illustration of video clips, and opportuni​ties for participants to ask questions about content classification.​

For an opportunity to go behind the scenes, write in to the BFC with details of your name, school and the contact of a teacher or senior school representative via IMDA Online Feedback​.