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Guidelines for Edited Version of Videos

last updated 03 November 2017


​With the implementation of the “Classify All-Content” Policy in August 2008, video distributors have the option and flexibility to bring in videos from different regions, allowing them to cater to various market segments and age groups through offering different versions of the same title.

This means more entertainment choices to consumers.

Consumer Advice Required

To assist consumers in making informed choices, video distributors and companies are required to reflect in the consumer advice that the video is an “Edited Version”.

The consumer advice is issued by the Board of Film Censors (BFC)  and it is to be displayed on the packaging or sleeves of all videos.

Label Specification Guide

The BFC has designed a Label Specification Guide especially for edited videos. This guide is to assist video distributors when coming up with consumer advice for edited version(s) while at the same time ensuring all packaging is consistently labelled to assist consumers in making informed choices.

All video distributors are required to adhere to the Label specification Guide. It is an offence for a video distributor or company to distort or rewrite the consumer advice issued by the BFC.

To view the Label Specification Guide for Edited Videos, please click her​e​.