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MTCS Certified Cloud Services

last updated 08 April 2019

MTCS are adopted by many Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to meet different cloud user needs for data sensitivity and business criticality. Lists of the certified CSPs and their services are provided.


As of 24 October 2018, a total of 127 cloud services are MTCS certified. Of these, 108 are IaaS/PaaS and 19 are SaaS. Those MTCS certified CSPs who wish to be listed here please submit e-copies of the following documents to nitsc@imda.gov.sg:

  1. Accredited MTCS Certificate
  2. CSP disclosure form (duly completed and signed)

The following table lists the MTCS-certified cloud services along with the MTCS certificates and the certification level.


MTCS Certified IaaS/PaaS

No ServiceMTCS Level/Certificate Company Name/Self-Disclosure Form
1Alibaba.com Elastic Computing
2Alibaba.com Relational Database Service
3Alibaba.com Open Data Process Service
4Alibaba.com Open Storage Service
5Alibaba.com Open Table Service
6Alibaba.com Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Security Service
7Alibaba.com Server Load Balancer
8Alibaba.com Virtual Private Cloud
9Alibaba.com Analytic Database Service
10Alibaba.com Archive Storage
11Alibaba.com Distribute Relational Database Service
12Alibaba.com Resource Access Management
13Alibaba.com Key Management System 
14Alibaba.com ActionTrail using IAAS Public Cloud Model
AWS Direct Connect
3-AWS-IaaSAmazon Web Services
16Amazon DynamoDB
17Amazon Elastic Block Store
18Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
19Amazon Elastic MapReduce
20Amazon ElastiCache
21Amazon Glacier
22AWS Identity & Access Management
23Amazon Redshift
24Amazon Relational Database Service
25Amazon Simple Storage Services
26Amazon SimpleDB
27Amazon Storage Gateway
28Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
29Amazon VM Import/Export
31Google Asia Pacific Pte Ltd using IaaS Model (GCP)
3-Google-IaaSGoogle IaaS
32Microsoft Application Gateway
3-MS-IaaSMicrosoft Azure
33Microsoft Application Insights
34Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C
35Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Free and Premium)
36Microsoft Azure Management Portal
37Microsoft Azure Core Services (RDFE, Fabric and SMAPI)
38Microsoft Azure Media Services
39Microsoft Azure Rights Management
40Microsoft Azure Storage (including Premium)
41Microsoft Azure Site Recovery
42Microsoft Azure Backup
43Microsoft Azure API Management
44Microsoft Azure App Services (Mobile and Web Apps)
45Microsoft Azure Automation
46Microsoft Azure Batch Service
47Microsoft Azure Cloud Services (Web and Worker Roles) 
48Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB
49Microsoft Azure DevTest Labs
50Microsoft Azure DNS
51Microsoft Azure Event Hubs
52Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute
53Microsoft Azure HDInsight
54Microsoft Azure InTune
55Microsoft Azure Load Balancer
56Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor Authentication
57Microsoft Azure Notification Hubs
58Microsoft Azure Redis Cache
59Microsoft Azure Resource Manager
60Microsoft Azure Scheduler
61Microsoft Azure Service Bus
62Microsoft Azure SQL (Database and VM)
63Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager
64Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines 
65Microsoft Azure Virtual Network
66Microsoft Azure Workflow
67Microsoft Azure Biztalk Services
68Microsoft Azure Cloud Apps Security
69Microsoft Azure Container Service
70Microsoft Azure Data Catalog
71Microsoft Azure Data Factory
72Microsoft Azure Genomics
73Microsoft Azure Graph
74Microsoft Azure Data Lake Analytics
75Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store
76Microsoft Azure Flow
77Microsoft Azure Functions
78Microsoft Azure Import/Export
79Microsoft Azure Key Vault
80Microsoft Azure Log Analytics (Formerly Operational Insights)
81Microsoft Azure Machine Learning
82Microsoft Azure Power BI
83Microsoft Azure PowerApps
84Microsoft Azure IoT Hub
85Microsoft Azure Security Centre
86Microsoft Azure Service Fabric
87Microsoft Azure SQL Server Stretch Database
88Microsoft Azure SQL Warehouse
89Microsoft Azure StorSimple
90Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics
91Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets
92Microsoft VPN Gateway
93 Orange Business Services 3-Orange Business Services IaaSOrange Business Services IaaS
94STT Connect Pte Ltd using IaaS Model
3-STT Connect-IaaS STT Connect Pte Ltd
95IZO Private Cloud3-IZO-IaaS TATA Telecommunications International Pte Ltd - IZO
96VPDC Cloud Services using IaaS model3-VPDC-IaaS TATA Telecommunications International Pte Ltd - VPDC
97Softlayer Cloud Services
2-Softlayer-IaaSSoftlayer Technologies Inc and IBM Singapore Pte. Ltd
98Acclivis Stratum Cloud
99Fujitsu Local Cloud Platform
1-Fujitsu-IaaS Fujitsu
1-ICONZ-IaaS ICONZ-Webvisions
101NEC Cloud Services using IaaS Model
1-NEC-IaaS NEC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
102NewMedia Express
1-NewMedia-IaaSNewMedia Express
1-ReadySpace-IaaS ReadySpace
Starhub Argonar
1-Telin- IaaSTelin
106Google Asia Pacific Pte Ltd using PaaS Model3-Google-PaaSGoogle PaaS
107Orange Business Services
3-Orange Business Services PaaSOrange Business Services PaaS
108IIJ Cloud services PaaS


MTCS Certified SaaS

No ServiceMTCS Level/CertificateCompany Name/Self-Disclosure Form
1Google Asia Pacific Pte Ltd using SaaS Model (G Suite)3-Google-SaaSGoogle SaaS
2Microsoft Office Online
3-MS Office-SaaS Microsoft Office
3Microsoft Exchange Online
4Microsoft Sharepoint  Online
5Microsoft Information Protection

6Microsoft Skype for Business
7Microsoft Office Services Infrastructure (OSI)
8Microsoft Suite User Experience
9Microsoft Domain Name Service (DNS)
10Microsoft CRM Online using SaaS model3-MS Dynamics-SaaS Microsoft Dynamics
11Microsoft Dynamics 365 – for Sales,
Customer Service, Field Service
and Project Service Automation)
12Ribose Collaboration-as-a-Service
3-Ribose-SaaSRibose Group Inc
13ServiceNow services using SaaS model
3-ServiceNow-SaaS ServiceNow
14SESAMi (Singapore) Pte Ltd2-SESAMi-SaaS SESAMi
15Wizlearn E-Learning
16Clearmanage Video Streaming
17Evvo Cloud Video Streaming Service
1-Evvo-SaaS Evvo
18Inspire-Tech EasiShare
1-Inspire-Tech-SaaS Inspire-Tech
19Reachfield Video Streaming



All enquiries regarding MTCS Certification can also be addressed to nitsc@imda.gov.sg.


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