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Contact person: Bruce Chew
Contact: 9116 5955

Category: Enterprise Data Platform

Sub-category: Digital transaction management platform

Dedoco is a first-of-its-kind digital document and signing solution that seeks to transform the way enterprises manage digital workflows while issuing trusted, verifiable documents and credentials. Built to improve efficiency and compliance, Dedoco enables document authentication through secure real-time verification options while signing evidence is recorded on the blockchain to maintain transaction integrity. Ultimately, Dedoco aims to provide best-in-class digital solutions that allow users to maintain greater governance over their daily processes while conducting transactions as seamlessly and safely as possible. They also help their clients manage millions of credentials & documents on a global scale.

One of Dedoco’s key differentiators is the platform’s ability to provide privacy and security options to organizations and users. As a result, this safeguard enables the sharing of company documents and sensitive information in a secure manner. The ability to deliver and complete documents digitally also removes the need for physical documents to be couriered, thus helping organizations achieve better productivity with savings in terms of cost and time.

Dedoco envisions an API-first, modularized approach that allows companies and digital platforms to experience seamless and secure document transactions with their stakeholders without compromising convenience, flexibility, or privacy.

Businesses across all industries are rapidly normalizing the use of electronically signed contracts, agreements, and other legal documentation. With “Sign with Singpass” by the Government Technology Agency of Singapore, Dedoco is one of the first digital signing application providers to offer this new feature to more than 2.5 million registered Singpass app users so that they can digitally sign documents.

To date, Dedoco has clients that span government organizations, banks, professional services (HR, accounting, and corporate services), and real estate.


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