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SG Digital is about helping you connect to everything that matters, making lives better through digitalisation.

With COVID-19 changing the way most of us lead our lives, going digital is now more important than ever. It presents us the opportunity to make adjustments in the way we work, learn and interact with one another. It means being connected to our loved ones, to our favourite shows, to the latest happenings in our community, to greater convenience, whenever and wherever. The possibilities are endless.

Life is more colourful with digital.

SG Digital Office

The SG Digital Office (“SDO”) will drive the Government’s initiatives to accelerate digital adoption in our community, as we embark on a phased recovery post COVID-19.

SDO will mobilise a whole-of-nation movement to accelerate Singapore’s digitalisation by building on and ramping up existing efforts to equip every individual and business with digital tools and skills to participate meaningfully in the new social and economic environment post COVID-19. This movement to drive digitalisation in Singapore will start with two groups: our seniors and our stallholders.

To educate and encourage all seniors as well as stallholders in hawker centres, wet markets, coffeeshops and industrial canteens to go digital, SDO will recruit and deploy 1,000 Digital Ambassadors by end-June 2020. Comprising both full-time staff and volunteers, they will work with companies, community groups and the public to engage these groups over the next few years.

Our Digital Ambassadors will look to reach out through various engagement means to raise the digital skills of seniors and help our stallholders get onboard e-payment solutions.