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3 tiers of digital learning

Seniors Go Digital is a specially designed programme to assist you on your digital journey. 

Our learning programme will be tiered according to your personal needs and you will be guided through 3 tiers of digital skills.

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    Tier 1: Communication skills

    Learn to use basic communication tools, file messaging and make video calls

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    Tier 2: Government Services and Lifestyle apps

    Learn to access Government digital services, such as Singpass app for SafeEntry
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    Tier 3: e-Payments and Digital Banking

    Learn to use e-Payment tools, like SGQR codes at markets and hawker centres, Internet banking apps and cybersecurity tips.

Supporting your Digital Journey

Going digital is for everyone. You can sign up with participating telcos to enjoy exclusive Senior Go Digital mobile plans. 

For some of you who may not be able to afford a smartphone or a mobile plan, financial help is available.

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