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SingPass Goes Digital


SGPass goes digital

SingPass allows you to transact digitally with more than 60 government agencies using a single login and password.

Have you ever forgotten your SingPass ID or password? Fret not!

With the SingPass Mobile app, you can now log in to check your CPF balance, apply for a HDB flat and do more using your fingerprint, face recognition or a 6-digit passcode. No more entering long passwords or carrying tokens around! Besides easy authentication, SingPass Mobile also allows secure access on-the-go, even when you are overseas.

Setting up SingPass Mobile is fast and easy


Faster login to digital services with SingPass Mobile

Let’s say you want to access your CPF account. With SingPass Mobile, simply scan or tap the QR code displayed on the SingPass login page, then verify your identity using your fingerprint, face recognition or 6-digit passcode, and you’re in!

Here’s a video showing how easy it is to use. Click here

Experience the convenience for yourself.Download the app now!

With SingPass Mobile, gone are the days of writing down passwords lest you forget, waiting for an SMS-OTP or carrying a physical token around. All you need is your fingerprint or face recognition to access hundreds of digital services. Download and try out the app today!


For more information on SingPass Mobile,click here

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