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Tech4Community and Silver Infocomm Roadshow – inspiring lifelong digital learners!


Tech4Community and Silver Infocomm Roadshow – inspiring lifelong digital learners!


To inspire digital learning, tech-related talks and exhibitions were held at the Tech4Community and Silver Infocomm Roadshow

Energetic and bubbly Madam Lau Lee Ping was one of the thousands who attended the Tech4Community and Silver Infocomm Roadshow earlier in April. She wanted to explore technology and gain new digital skills that will be useful to her daily life. The 80-year-old thoroughly enjoyed the showcases at the event and enthused, “I learnt how to use my mobile phone to make cashless payments, even for MRT and bus rides. I want to learn from every booth here!”


Madam Lau learnt to use her mobile phone to make cashless payments at the Tech4Community and Silver Infocomm Roadshow

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” With technology changing the way we live, work and play, there will always be new discoveries.

The event was opened to participants of all other ages and encouraged inter-generational connectivity. Many young children could be seen enthusiastically learning together with their grandparents.

Seniors like Madam Lau had opportunities to engage with different forms of technology. From coding to lifestyle apps, the roadshow exhibited how technology can make their lives better. They were also treated to a wide range of useful digital tools to help navigate this digital age.

Pay with Ease


A large crowd at the e-payment app talk held during the Tech4Community and Silver Infocomm Roadshow

We all have days when we forget our money, only realising it moments before the purchase. With the increasing popularity and adoption of e-payment, physical wallets may soon face extinction. Those who were looking to make the switch, learned more about e-payment apps such as PayLah!, Mighty, PayAnyone and NETSPay at the tutorials and practice booths. Participants were able to apply their newly honed e-payment skills by purchasing using QR code at selected stalls.


Participants got to try out their new knowledge of e-payment by making digital purchases from booths located around the venue, including one that sold piping hot sweet corn

Having experienced the convenience of e-payment, Madam Jamna Kathiresu was eager to check out the latest e-payment app offerings. “I knew about PayNow, but today I just learned about PayLah!.” Recognising the trend in e-payments, she added, “I would definitely recommend other less IT-savvy seniors learn more about technology. That is the way to go in the future, where payment is concerned.”

All Business

While seniors were conscious of the e-payments systems, many were surprised to learn that digital technology can help them with revenue as well. Observing the exhibits with interest was Madam Esther d-o Martin Paul. In her early 60s and an active property agent, Madam Esther leverages on technology to increase her work productivity. “It is extremely important to upgrade my digital skills as they are useful for my work. I use social media to post my property listings, so I need to keep myself up-to-date on the new features in those social media platforms I use frequently.”

Apps that help increase productivity at work can also be utilised for recreational purposes, as Madam Kathiresu discovered at one of the event tutorials. “I learnt about the Wunderlist app which helps you record your to-do list. The Asana app is more for work projects, but I can still use it for other tasks like planning functions, birthday parties and other leisure activities. That will certainly help me in planning celebrations for important life events!”


The Findjobs stand provides a way for individuals who lack access to digital technology to quickly find and apply for jobs

Retired seniors who were still keen to work were also able to explore career opportunities using technology. Findjobs is one of the popular kiosks at the roadshow that not only matched applicants to suitable jobs, it also arranges for interviews instantaneously.

Navigating a New Environment


Gavin Chua from Facebook sharing on Responsible Digital Citizenship at the Tech4Community and Silver Infocomm Roadshow

As information exchange and social interaction become increasingly digital, some seniors may find it challenging to navigate online spaces safely. Mr Kelvin Kum, 70, one of the attendees at the ‘Be A Responsible Digital Citizen’ tutorial, was grateful for the new insights he gained on the subject. “This is a totally new topic for me. I learnt how to be responsible in the digital community, by learning how to discern fake news and preventing it from spreading further. I will definitely apply this when I use Facebook.”

Besides responsible behaviour online, participants also gained an understanding on cyber dangers such as viruses and online scams. They received useful tips on how to protect themselves and their loved ones from these cyber threats.

Avid Learners




A variety of engaging talks and exhibits stimulated the minds and senses of participants at the Tech4community and Silver Infocomm Roadshow


The Tech4Community and Silver Infocomm Roadshow showcased a plethora of exciting exhibits and intriguing digital topics. At the two-day event, participants were curious to learn more digital skills and many were eagerly anticipating the next tech event.

Mr. John Lim was motivated by his experience at the event to sign up for further learning

Avid learner, Mr John Lim, registered for multiple courses related to smartphone and mobile apps, including ‘Mobile Videography’ and ‘Understanding Mobile Apps’. The 66-year-old pipped, “It is important for me to learn these because I use my mobile phone every day. I want to use the apps to connect with my family and friends better. This also helps me in my job as I need to send work related photos or videos to my department supervisor.”


At the Smart Learning booths, participants received information on affordable courses that are eligible for skills future credit. From basic computer to creativity classes, these courses are conducted in a face-to-face class setting, for anyone keen to stay digitally updated and relevant.

For those who are interested to learn more, there are also other resources available at IMDA’s Seniors Go Digital website. Click here