The iNSPIRE Fund scheme offers financial assistance to full-time students (aged 25 and below) who are unable to co-pay for their PC-Bundle. Successful applicants will render between 3 to 12 hours of community service*, depending on the type of computer model selected, to receive a fully-paid desktop/laptop.

 Applicant's Age  PC Type
 Desktop No. 1 Laptop No. 2 
 Up to 14 years old  3 hours  6 hours
 15 years old and above  6 hours  12 hours

The community service* records must be endorsed by applicant’s teacher(s), where applicant has performed service in the school or staff of the voluntary welfare organisations where applicant has served the community service*. The endorsed records must be sent to IMDA for processing.

Latest updates

*Students supported under the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme will be fully supported through the iNSPIRE Fund, with no PC co-payment required. Existing requirements for community services will be waived for this COVID- 19 period.

Who can apply?

The applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Successful applicant of NEU PC Plus Programme
  • Full-time student aged 25 and below
  • Gross monthly household income not exceeding $2,750 or per capita monthly income not exceeding $700 

Last updated on: 09 Apr 2020